What's Up In Vancouver?

I haven't checked in with Vancouver lately. That streak ends today.

As we know, the Vancouver Canucks will unveil their third jersey on Saturday. The Vancouver Sun has a mostly business-oriented piece about the fourth alternate sweater in team history and the concept of third jerseys in the NHL in general. It's an interesting read for jersey geeks like us.

In case you forgot, Icethetics originally leaked a photo of this third jersey last month. The image was then picked up by the Sun and that's how they're describing the "rumors" in that story. The sweater has the modernized stick-in-the-rink logo on the front and the new Johnny Canuck V on the shoulders.

It's very sharp sweater, indeed. I may be buying two third jerseys this Christmas — you know, I have to buy the Lightning's even if BOLTS isn't my favorite thing for the front of it.

In other news, the WHL's Vancouver Giants have announced their intentions to wear a special throwback jersey on Friday, November 21. But what could a seven-year-old team have to throw back to? Glad you asked. They'll be looking to a different franchise — the Vancouver Millionaires.

By the way, I was shocked to discover the Millionaires actually have their own web site, despite the fact that they haven't existed for the last 82 years. Anyway, the Giants will be wearing the 1915 style jerseys for one night only next Friday and I hope to have pictures for you when they do.