An Early Look At Stars' Third

Marty Turco was on the local news in Dallas this morning with a sneak peek at the Stars' new alternate sweater. It's exactly what all the rumors have said — a white version of the current black jersey.

It's got DALLAS in green letters arched above the player's sweater number on the front. Both the text and numbers are trimmed in gold on the inside and what appears to be black on the outside.

Tony sent in some pictures of his TV screen this morning.

You'll be able to find the rest of what he sent at Third Jersey Central in the Stars' gallery.

Now as for the leak I was planning this morning, circumstances beyond my control prevented me from getting the Live Chat done, so instead I'm just posting the image here.

This gives you more of an overview of the jersey, but if you've seen the Stars during a home game in the past year, you pretty much already know what they look like.

I have to say I am a little disappointed they didn't opt for a green jersey. I actually don't think I would've minded as much. As I've said before, I think Dallas' black jersey is nice by itself. But now they're adding to it — and so are the Thrashers, for that matter.

Tony, who sent in the picture above, mentioned to me that Dallas fans love their jerseys despite the general "bashing" it's getting around the league. He says, "Go on ahead, we don't need any Red Wings fans buying our sweaters."

It only really matters what Stars fans think of these, though I know we won't be short of opinions from everyone else.

He also said, "I like that the logo is not totally gone. I feel it still stands out on the shoulders. As for the lettering on the front, there certainly is appeal to it. It's a college/vintage vibe that I think is simplistic yet cool. Simple and classic."

Well put. The official unveiling happens later today. I'll post pictures when I can.