Citizen Runs Leaked Sens Pic

The leaked picture of the Senators' third jersey was printed in this morning's Ottawa Citizen if you can believe that. The Icethetics-watermarked image is next to two other concept designs that are labeled as "possible colours" for the Sens.

I can assure you they aren't. The one I posted the other day is the real deal. Here's what was printed in the paper today, via the Digital Edition.

You can read the story on the newspaper's web site.

And while I'm on the subject, it appears several stores across Canada are already selling unreleased third jerseys. Several readers sent in pictures. Here's one of them. I'll be adding more to the Sens' Third Jersey Central gallery.

So there won't be any surprises on Saturday. Here are the Kings and Sharks third jerseys also found on store racks.

Thanks to everybody who's been sending in pictures. You guys rock!