Kings Unveil Third Jersey!

The Los Angeles Kings became the 16th NHL club to unveil a third jersey for the 2008-09 season, doing so tonight during a home game against the Avalanche.

As the leaked images showed us, the sweaters are black with a new banner-shaped logo on the front. On top are the letters LA and beneath is a black and white version of the current crown logo. Throughout the uniform are very sharp silver accents.

Have a look at Anze Kopitar in action tonight from the Kings' web site.

A quick glance at these sweaters in action certainly does the job of sending you back to the era of Gretzky, Kurri and the like. But what our leaks didn't show us was the classic script logo appearing on both sides of the helmets.

When thinking about the Kings, I think most people don't think about the history of this club. They've been around a long time and have had a lot of uniforms and logos. It's nice to see them remembering that past with this new uniform.

This is another design that has moved way up on my list after having seen it in action. I wouldn't put it at the top but it's certainly nothing to look down your nose at.

I do have one small thing to point out though. On the Kings' web site, it's pointed out that "the jersey was first seen night at 7:34 p.m. when Kings goalie Erik Ersberg entered the bench-area through the covered tunnel just prior to the game."

I hate to get technical, but actually it was first seen on Monday night when it was leaked during an Icethetics Live Chat. I'm just saying.

Can you believe it? After all of the anticipation of the summer, only two teams remain to officially unveil their third jerseys. Makes you wonder what all the fuss was about.

Tomorrow, my Bolts will debut theirs BOLTS sweaters and on Monday, we'll get our first "official" look at the Bruins. I still find it ironic that the jersey that was first to leak will be the last to be official.