Is This It For Third Jerseys?

All the new third jerseys are out. The ranking has been released. But is this really it for third jerseys?

No. We'll get to start this all over again next year but on a much smaller scale. I can tell you there are at least two teams that are working on alternate sweaters for 2009. The Minnesota Wild are to have a green (finally!) third jersey for their 10th anniversary season and the Calgary Flames already have a final design in hand — though I can't tell you what it looks like.

Thought I'd get those seeds planted early. As far as the other 10 teams, I'm hoping for third jerseys from the Rangers, Ducks and Panthers next season. I don't expect anything from the Devils, Red Wings or Canadiens. So to sum up...

  • 3rd introduced in '08 // Thrashers, Bruins, Sabres, Hurricanes, Blackhawks, Stars, Oilers, Kings, Islanders, Senators, Flyers, Coyotes, Penguins, Sharks, Blues, Lightning, Maple Leafs, Canucks
  • 3rd expected in '09 // Flames, Wild
  • 3rd status unknown, but hopeful // Ducks, Avalanche, Panthers, Predators, Rangers
  • 3rd not expected anytime soon // Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Canadiens, Devils, Capitals

Quick note on those teams categorized as "not expected anytime soon." I didn't just pull that out of thin air. Blue Jackets and Capitals management have both publicly said a third jersey is not in their near future. The Canadiens still have a couple new Centennial throwbacks for next year (who knows, one may turn into a third jersey in the future). And the Red Wings and Devils have historically never had a third jersey. I wouldn't expect that to change without warning.

That should cover everybody. Just wanted to keep you guys updated. Speaking of updates, lots coming over the course of this holiday weekend. I'll let you know what's new via the blog.