NHL 09 Code Released

A lot of folks have been asking about this and I said I'd post it when it was released. Below is the code that will enable all 18 third jerseys for EA Sports' NHL 09 video game.


Along with the code, EA released the following statement.

Please note that if you have the code and play online with someone who does not have the code, there is a chance you may both be playing with dark jerseys as users without the code will not be able to see the alternate jerseys. This will be rectified next week when the team releases the planned roster update which will automatically insert the code for those that have not yet entered it.

In addition, a couple of readers pointed out the inaccuracy of the Sabres' third jersey in the game. Here's a screenshot.

It's pretty clear the design is wrong (the silver piping on the sides is missing) and the number style isn't correct. But it's close, and frankly, it looks better this way.

By the way, got my Lightning third jersey delivered today. I love it! I'll be wearing it to the Bolts-Avs game next week.