Hawks Plan New Third

At last I have something nice to say about the Chicago Blackhawks. According to the Daily Herald, the Hawks will join the Penguins when they put their 2009 Winter Classic throwback sweater into regular third jersey rotation beginning next fall.

Back in black: If you liked those throwback jerseys the Hawks wore in the Winter Classic, you're in luck. Those will become the Hawks' new third jersey next season, replacing the current black sweater that is identical to the home red and road white. The only addition to the jersey the Hawks wore at Wrigley Field will be tomahawks on the shoulders.

This is what I've been saying. A third jersey should be something different. It'll be wonderful to see it on the ice throughout the 2009-10 season and beyond. A Blackhawks jersey I can truly get behind. If you need a refresher, here's a photo. Just try to imagine it with those tomahawks on the shoulders.

My question to you is this: Should the Detroit Red Wings follow suit and add their Winter Classic sweater as a third jersey to be worn at, say, 5 or 6 games a year?