The Orca Debate

I don't mean to dwell on a topic born out of speculation, but after Tuesday's post regarding the possibility of the orca logo going the way of the dodo, my inbox was inundated. And I feel like this is the kind of subject matter that we'll hear an awful lot of different opinions on. So here are some more of them.

Hey Chris! I do believe the Orca in Canucks nation is endangered and becoming extinct, but the logo that I believe that will take its place as the primary will be the Johnny Canuck V logo, not the stick in rink.

The licensing agreement for the Orca logo is almost over, not sure exactly when, but possibly in time for next season, and the clues of the Johnny Canuck V logo becoming the primary are all over the Canucks website as well as on merchandise. I've attached a few pics to this email which lends me to believe this is true.


That's an interesting notion. A free Johnny Canuck t-shirt along with your orca jersey, perhaps so that when the orca is phased out you won't be completely left without a current Canucks logo? Just a hunch.

Here's another email regarding new upcoming merchandise.

I work at a sports store and we get all the merch catalogues early. I never thought much of it until I read the article. But after reading that I do notice that the Canucks stuff (hats, shirts, mini-sticks, etc.) has changed.

There is still stuff designed with the current logo but the new catalogues compared to the old ones do have a lot more of the non-orca logos. The stick-in-rink logo is used the most and the Johnny V and Johnny Canuck logos are popping up all over the new stuff.

There is also a lot more of the green being used as well. Not sure if this is really an indicator of a change or just a money grab though.


The money-grab idea does make sense. But is that really all it is?

This last email may just be silly, but it's worth the read nevertheless.

Take it for what it's worth, but while working a concert at the Commodore Ballroom a couple months back, a gentleman presented the local band that was on stage with a maroon Vancouver Millionaires jersey and proceeded to claim that this was going to be new third jersey for the Canucks next year — which coincidentally is the 40th anniversary. 

At first I brushed it off, but now I'm starting to see these great vintage maroon jerseys in local hockey shops. I, for one, would love to see the Canucks playing in the only Cup-winning sweaters this city has seen.

It looked great on the Giants when they wore it and I believe it'll look fantastic on the Canucks if they do as well. Hopefully this does indeed become reality.


Ridiculous? Maybe. But the Canucks never cease to surprise us with their new sweater choices — however usually for the worse.

Feel free to add to the discussion in the comments. I'm going to put it to bed as far as new posts go — at least until we start getting some concrete information. But we can bet that won't happen until at least the summer.

By the way, big day in Montreal tomorrow! A century in the making.