Team Canada Jerseys Unveiled!

Not that it should surprise anyone, but Team Canada's 2010 Olympics jerseys were officially unveiled today — confirming the leaked pictures first posted on Icethetics last week.

Hockey Canada has gone all out with an entire section of its web site dedicated to the new sweaters. Click here to see it. You can see a detailed version of the crest, download desktop wallpapers featuring the jerseys and the new crest, and even check out past Team Canada jerseys.

The official photos of the jerseys provided on give us a much better look at the overall design.

Personally, I think I favor the white one for its attention to contrast. Notice how you can clearly make out the leaf crest.

And, of course, for your viewing pleasure, the new crest in all its glory.

One more thing. At the risk of coming off as self-serving, I'd like to encourage Icethetics fans who plan to purchase either or both of these jerseys to show your support by clicking on the link and buying from them. They've got great prices and the small amount of money Icethetics makes from ads goes a long way to keeping the site running. And hey, just remember where you saw this jersey first, right?

Enough with that.

Team USA also unveiled their 2010 Olympic jerseys today but I have yet to come across any decent photos worth sharing on the blog. In the meantime, there are a couple of low-quality cell phone pictures I posted on Twitter. When better photos are available, I'll have them here.