Preds 3rd Launch Date & More...

Lots to cover tonight so let's dive right in.

The Nashville Predators have revealed their plans for the unveiling of their brand new third jersey. According to the team's web site, the sweater will be introduced on Thursday, September 17.

That night the Preds face the Atlanta Thrashers in an exhibition match at the Sommet Center and fans in attendance will get their first look at the new threads during a pre-game ceremony.

Here's the text pulled from the web page.

Prior to the start of the Sept. 17 game, the Predators new Third Jersey will be revealed in a pre-game ceremony. Players debuting the new jersey will be available for autographs on the main concourse during the first intermission. 

If you're there, feel free to snap some photos and send them along. I'm sure everyone here will enjoy seeing them. Thanks to Paul for pointing out this new information.

To recap earlier news, it sounds like the third jersey will make its regular season debut sometime in November. Team owner David Freeman says it has a traditional look based on some Original Six teams. And back in July, a fan claiming to have seen the sweater, posted a description online which was followed up by a concept rendering.

Now onto the Boston Bruins.

This story may turn out to be nothing, but I got several emails so I thought I'd share it. A new video on featuring Tim Thomas appears to show a retro-looking Bruins sweater we've never seen before.

Could it be a sneak peek at their new Winter Classic threads? Take a look at this screenshot and judge for yourself.

Sneak peek at Bruins Winter Classic sweater?

It's the yellow one there in the equipment bag. It's tough to say but it certainly isn't out the question. Like I said, I'll let you guys make up your own minds about its legitimacy. Feel free to discuss.

The design will be officially unveiled a week from tonight at the Bs' State of the Bruins event.

My final piece of news for the night is sort of a follow-up to Wednesday's late night post regarding the classic Buffalo Sabres logo continuing to appear at center ice. It's good news for fans who've been awaiting the imminent death of that awful yellow logo which debuted in 2006.

The final nail in the coffin may have come straight from the mouth of Buffalo bigwig Larry Quinn early today. Icethetics reader Kevin wrote in today with this report.

Hey Chris,

Larry Quinn, managing partner of the Buffalo Sabres was on Leafs Lunch with Bill Watters on AM 640 Toronto today. He let slip that the Sabres are migrating to wearing the retro sweaters full time. Audio isn't up on the website yet, but I'm sure it will be soon. Thought you'd like to know. Goodbye Buffaslug!


I'm sure you guys can keep an eye (ear) out for that but it is certainly positive news. I think we'd all be better of if they just listened to John Slabyk in the first place. But we should all be grateful for the little victories where we can get them.

That's all for tonight.