CHL Unveiling Edge Jerseys

Good morning everyone! It's 09-09-09 at 9:09 AM. Won't happen again for another 100 years.

It's going to be an incredibly busy day here at Icethetics today. As you may have read, all 60 CHL teams will be officially launching their new Reebok Edge jerseys. Yes, it's incredibly annoying to have them all coming out on the same day but we'll manage.

Here's how it's going to work. I will be monitoring league and team web sites and as I find pictures, they will be posted on Twitter only! As the day goes on I plan to assemble all of the image links in this post for quick and easy access.

If you run across any good pictures throughout the day that you'd like to share, check that they haven't already been posted before you email them to me. It'll make things go a lot smoother on my end as I try and gather information from five dozen teams.

I appreciate your help on what is sure to be a ridiculous day.