Salmon Kings New 3rd Launched

This news may be a few weeks old, but the ECHL's Victoria Salmon Kings recently launched brand new third jerseys for the 2009-10 season. I just came across a couple of pictures in the ol' Icethetics archive and thought I should share them.

First, some background. On December 10, the Salmon Kings announced the unveiling of a new alternate sweater as a tribute to the 2010 Olympics, which will take place in their backyard. It then hit the ice for the first time the following night against the Las Vegas Wranglers.

Salmon Kings old thirdGone is Victoria's old third jersey, seen to the right. I believe it was introduced for the club's fifth anniversary in the ECHL and was only worn for one season.

It's got a clever double meaning, for those who missed it the first time around. V being the Roman numeral for 5 and also the initial of Victoria. Anyone feel dumber for my having explained that?

So anyway, that's what they were wearing. White and boring.

This season they're going in a new direction by implementing red Reebok Edge jerseys as their new alternate. Here's their official statement:

The Salmon Kings’ new third jersey will be the second alternate sweater design for the organization in the past two seasons. This year’s design will replace the “V” logo jersey that was used last year.

“The inspiration for this jersey comes from the upcoming Olympic Games in Vancouver,” President Dave Dakers said. “This is a great sweater that combines our pride for the Salmon Kings as well as our nation.”

Salmon Kings new thirdThe classic fish logo is pulling an Alien by ripping through the skater's chest. But beyond that, the red really stands out and is very Canadian.

Red is new territory for the Salmon Kings and while the color does appear in the logo, they're definitely aiming higher. Go Canada!

Anyway, I apologize for not getting to this sooner but part of my new commitment to Icethetics is getting news posted even if it's just for archival purposes. I want Icethetics to be the reference for all things jerseys.

I can dream.

One last look at Victoria's new thirds before I leave you to share your own thoughts on it.

By the way, happy new year!