Special Jersey Caps 35 Seasons

A week from Friday, the Washington Capitals will celebrate their 35th anniversary with a special one-game-only commemorative jersey.

The details of the big night — which is February 5 — were just released yesterday via the team's official web site. However, the release does not go into particulars with regard to the jersey itself. Only that it's red (probably meaning it's the regular sweater with a special patch).

Caps 35th Anniversary LogoThe Washington Capitals will be wearing a special, one-game-only set of red jerseys containing a unique 35th season commemorative patch when they take on the Atlanta Thrashers Friday, Feb. 5 at Verizon Center. Fans attending the game can leave the arena that night with their favorite Capitals player's one-of-a-kind, game-worn jersey.

It will be Game-Worn Jersey Night in Verizon Center, as MeiGray and the Capitals will be hosting a special exhibit at Section 119 in the concourse: 35 Seasons of Capitals' Game-Worn Jerseys. 

On display will be jerseys worn throughout the years by the Caps, including jerseys worn during the team's inaugural 1974-75 NHL season, jerseys worn during the 10th anniversary and 20th anniversary seasons. There will be jerseys on display that were once worn by Bob Carpenter, Mike Gartner, Dale Hunter, Rod Langway, Scott Stevens and many more.

I imagine that is going to be one kick-ass display. If you've got tickets and a digital camera, we'd love to see what they have set up. And we'd be forever in your debt.

I plan to set up a jersey gallery in the Specialty Jerseys section over the weekend following the game if you're interested in seeing what it looks like. Speaking of which, let's start the speculation. What will this red jersey look like?

If the Caps are going for the "heritage" look, they don't have many options. They spent their first 20 years in the original red, white and blue and never really changed the jerseys. It's probably safe to assume that 1974 sweater with the white shoulder yokes will be making a one-time-only comeback  (however, let's hope they don't opt for white pants).

Or could they be planning something entirely different? You'll notice that 35th anniversary logo (above) contains only the secondary Weagle logo that we love so much. Could this special jersey be more of a tribute to the next 35 years? Perhaps hinting at a future where the wordmark is a thing of the past?

We'd love to hear some more theories. Post yours below.