Sneak Peek at L.A. Prototypes?

Kings prototype jerseys?A couple of Los Angeles Kings fans say they got a sneak peek at what might be prototype jerseys.

One reader sent in this photo (right) in which we see two white jerseys draped over a couch in Luc Robitaille's office at the team's practice facility in El Segundo.

Robitaille is the Kings' president of business operations. And the sweaters feature the logo currently in use on the team's black third jersey. The anonymous shutterbug included the following in his email to me:

They're white versions of the Kings current third jersey. One is an inverse version and the other has the colors reversed on the arm bands. I actually think the silver band with black trim looks really sweet.

You can see a pair of matching socks underneath as well. Looks like maybe the Kings are thinking of switching their black thirds to full time home jerseys at some point, with these as the road version. I sure hope so; these look great.

If these are in fact actual NHL prototypes, the Kings wouldn't be the first team to be going retro, as that's become a welcome fad as of late. When this crest was introduced in 2008, it was meant to evoke the team's black-and-white era of the late '80s and '90s. So what's going on here? Are the Kings looking to drop the purple again?

Here's another theory: Maybe the NHL is considering going back to whites at home. Many fans want it. The league designated white jerseys for road games beginning in 2003. (That was also the year that broke hockey — they switched the jerseys, my Lightning won the Stanley Cup and then all NHL hockey ceased for more than a year!) 

If the league were to go back to whites at home, it might be wise for some teams to have a white alternate uniform as an option. And if these jerseys do ever see the light of day, it will be until 2011-12 at the earliest. By the way, I have absolutely no basis for this theory.

Photo by Kasey SpatzIf anyone can make out details in the photo and wants to take a shot at some concept art, I'd be happy to get it on the site.

One more Kings thing. While they still haven't given us any official details, there's more evidence that that team will be wearing throwbacks on Saturday night for the season opener in Vancouver.

In this photo (right), presumably taken at the same facility as the one above, Kings D-man Matt Greene is breaking in his purple and gold gloves during training camp.

Thanks to Josh for sending this in!

By the way, in case you missed the link earlier, there's an article in the New York Times today about the return of retro sweaters to NHL hockey. I was interviewed and quoted in the piece, and Icethetics gets a shoutout!