Sens, Flames Unofficial 3rd Skeds

A couple of Icethetics readers sent in third jersey schedules for the Senators and Flames. While I've been unable to independently verify them, they have been accurate to date.

We have multiple news items related to the Ottawa Senators alternate sweater, which will apparently see action tonight against Atlanta. There's an unofficial 10-game schedule, plus a possible brand new jersey.

First, the third jersey schedule comes from Sens fan Jason G., who tells me his season ticket agent provided the following home dates:

  • Thu., Oct. 28 - vs Florida
  • Tue., Nov. 9 - vs Atlanta
  • Wed., Nov. 24 - vs Dallas
  • Sat., Dec. 4 - vs Buffalo
  • Mon. Dec. 13 - vs Atlanta
  • Sat., Jan. 8 - vs Tampa Bay
  • Tue., Jan. 18 - vs Anaheim
  • Tue., Feb. 15 - vs NY Islanders
  • Tue., Mar. 1 - vs Boston
  • Thu., Mar. 17 - vs New Jersey

Ironically, the only team that will face the Sens in black this season more than once is the only team that has an equally bad, if not worse, alternate uniform — the Thrashers.

Remember, though this schedule was obtained through the team, it's not official until it comes through the team's PR people.

The other item comes from my favorite kind of source — the anonymous kind. (Sarcasm, for those unfamiliar.) I'm told the Senators have been doling out free third jerseys with ticket purchases lately.

"When I inquired about whether or not they'll be launching a vintage third or heritage [jersey]," the source explains, "I was greeted with a smile...but no official answer."

That doesn't tell us much but it was in my inbox and thought it worth sharing. Next season marks the Sens' (and Lightning's) 20th anniversary (1992-2012). Could they have a new alternate sweater in the works to celebrate?

Additionally, we have an unofficial third jersey schedule for the Calgary Flames. Again, I haven't been able to independently verify it, but four of the dates have already passed and game photos show the sweater was indeed used on those nights.

Icethetics reader Jeff T. sent along a link from the Calgarypuck Forums, in which a user called A Money offered up the schedule without citing its source. It features the following 12 home games:

  • Sun., Oct. 10 - vs Los Angeles
  • Sat., Oct. 16 - vs Edmonton
  • Sat., Oct. 30 - vs Washington
  • Wed., Nov. 3 - vs Detroit
  • Wed., Nov. 17 - vs Phoenix
  • Sat., Dec. 18 - vs Minnesota
  • Fri., Dec. 31 - vs Colorado
  • Wed., Jan. 26 - vs St. Louis
  • Wed., Feb. 9 - vs Ottawa
  • Sun., Mar. 6 - vs Nashville
  • Sat., Mar. 12 - vs Vancouver
  • Wed., Apr. 6 - vs Edmonton

The user also points out the Flames were scheduled to wear their white road sweaters in front of the home fans on Thursday, Oct. 28. Which they did.

And if I'm being honest, the above picture is from last season, before the design was converted to a Reebok Edge jersey. But the only thing that's really changed is the collar and the hemline — and the 30th anniversary patch.

Although the dates are unofficial, I'm adding both schedules to the sidebar calendar.