What's New at Icethetics?

Blogworthy news has been a bit slow lately, so I thought it would take a minute to talk about some of the other things going on here at Icethetics.

Wild's current logoLogo Design Contest!

The coolest thing happening right now is the Wenatchee Wild logo design contest. The NAHL junior team is looking for a new look and has turned to the talented artists who frequent Icethetics. I'm sure you've seen it, but in case you haven't, click on that bright orange tab at the top of the page that says CONTEST.

The winner gets $200 and a jersey with their logo on it! And even if they don't win, you still have a chance at other prizes if they like and want to use your work. Full details can be found on the Contest page. The deadline for entires in April 20.

I did want to address one thing, though. I very small minority have expressed disapproval with these design contests we hold on occasion. Some say it dilutes the talent pool and takes business away from "established firms," which is really just another way of saying it increases competition. But mainly they don't think the prizes are big enough.

Just like the Ice Bulls (our previous contest), it's not as if the Wild would've gone to some massive design firm to spend thousands of dollars on a new identity package and instead chose the easy way out with a fan contest. They don't have the budget for that anyway. No one is losing out. What they want is a new look created by someone inside the hockey/design community — a fan.

Most important, no one is forced to enter so no one is being taken advantage of. I believe contests like this yield a better result in the end for these small teams because of the sense of competition. That being said, I would find it completely unacceptable for a professional organization to do. But that's not what we're talking about.

Just my thoughts. Feel free to add yours below.

NHL Tournament of Logos

The 2010 edition of the NHLToL is humming along nicely. Over a quarter-million votes cast in the last month and they just keep coming in. Logo tournaments were how Icethetics got its start back in 2007 so it's cool to see they're still as popular as ever.

Unfortunately, we never really got beyond the NHL or the big minor and junior leagues. We're still going to revisit the AHL, ECHL, OHL, WHL and QMJHL in the near future, but I've also got plans to host logo tournaments for all sorts of other leagues as well, such as the Central Hockey League, IHL (both old and new), SPHL, USHL, NAHL, BCHL, and EIHL to name a few. Ultimately it'll be up to you guys to decide. Only catch is it has to be hockey.


I'm working on a new feature I think might come in handy on occasion. If ever you were looking for a list of NHL logos and how long they've been around, who designed them, and so forth. The wait is almost over. The Icethetics Yearbook will have you covered. Planning to roll that out within about a week or so.

Goalie Mask Galleries

While I'm on the subject of new features, one of the more long-term plans involves a Goalie Mask Gallery. Of course I need to get back to updating the Jersey Galleries first. But a lot of you have asked about it and I just wanted you to know it's on my radar. A lot of work for one person who also has a regular job.

Hope you guys continue to enjoy the site and all it offers. Remember, if there's ever anything you think I should be covering, I read all my emails (though I may not be able to reply to them all).