Sweater Switch 2010

We ran a series here last year called Sweater Switch, which consisted of players signed or traded over the summer with their new team's jersey. It was cool, though that's really a task to be taken on during the first month of the season when action shots are available.

Mike Modano and his Red Wings sweaterI was going to wait but this picture just struck me as so bizarre that I just couldn't. I mean it's Mike Modano with a Detroit Red Wings jersey — and it's No. 90 (since No. 9 is retired, obviously).

So strange. More photos here.

Anyhow, this reminded me of a photo essay Sports Illustrated did a few years ago called Legends in the Wrong Uniform, which included Bobby Orr as a Blackhawk.

It mostly shows great athletes on the down-swing of their careers when they just wanted to get a few more games in but their longtime teams were going in another direction. You know, Bourque with the Avs, Hasek in Detroit. The Modano situation fits perfectly, so if they ever do an update, they'll have to add him.

Anyway it's a slow Tuesday and I wanted to get something new on the blog. Enjoy.