USHL Logo Map

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Having covered a fair share of Canadian junior hockey leagues, I thought we might sneak in an American one. The United States Hockey League has 16 teams packed tightly into the Midwest, from Ohio to Nebraska. Even Fargo, North Dakota has a team!

We'd have to call Iowa the dominant state in the USHL as it has five teams, plus two more in bordering cities. But don't forget Nebraska also has three. These areas aren't loaded down with pro teams so it's cool to see they at least have some solid junior hockey.

And for those unfamiliar with the USHL, you might look at the Youngstown Phantoms logo and immediately accuse them of stealing it from the fireworks company. Ah, but that would be silly as the CEO of Phantom Fireworks also owns this team. Synergy.

For the record, some really nice logos in this league. Definitely need to do a tournament sooner than later if you ask me. As far as maps, what would you like to see next? KHL seems like a popular request. Any others?