Sabres "Leak" Debunked

Time again to debunk another Sabres rumor. And this was a good one.

Looks like over the weekend, an image started spreading, as these things do. It was believed to show the Buffalo Sabres' new road jersey, unlocked in someone's copy of NHL 11 from EA Sports. In an effort to keep Icethetics readers a step ahead of everyone else, I quickly got on Twitter and let you know it was a fake.

By the way, if you want to see the image, you have to click here. If I display it here in the post, I worry some visitors won't bother reading the text and make inaccurate assumptions.

How do I know it was fake? A couple of reasons, but that's not important. What you want to know is how the actual jersey is different from the ruse. Most important, the stripes around the waist are reversed. Gold should be in the middle, with blue/silver above and below. It is different from the original '70s jersey in that regard.

Also, while there is thin silver piping running up the sides of the sweater, it's not nearly as heavy-handed as what you see in the viral image. And of course the image is blurry, as you would expect for something of this nature. So I can't see whether it has the silver stripes around the waist and sleeves. The real thing does, just like the new home jersey.

Also, some have asked about the silver "armpits." I haven't seen that part of the white sweater so I can't answer that. My guess would be that it mirrors the blue one, so it probably will.

Any other questions I can answer for you guys? This jersey will probably be unveiled in 11 days along with the new thirds. I've gotten some concept art based on the descriptions I posted. I'll try to get that on the site soon.