The Return of the Jersey Galleries

Redesigned jersey galleriesI recently started to revamp one of the site's signature features — the Jersey Galleries project. I've been noting updates via Twitter and Facebook, but if you aren't involved on those sites, you may have overlooked it. You can find easy access via the Jerseys tab above.

The Galleries were a feature launched just over a year ago, featuring primarily alternate and specialty uniforms. Each gallery features game photos as a sort of historical record. The old section was laid out in a way that didn't really provide any context.

The new look rectifies those problems by incorporating home and road uniforms as well as the logos used on them. You can also find trivial details like the unveiling and debut dates and other information.

There are already seven galleries online and I'm hoping to have all 30 NHL teams done within a couple of months. For now, I'm cataloging only uniforms currently in use, but after that, we'll expand to as far back as I can find photos.

I'm not limiting the project to only the NHL. I'd like to tackle the AHL and ECHL this year but finding photos will be more of a challenge. It may require making friends with some team photographers. Same with the Canadian Hockey League, which has some of the best uniforms in all of hockey.

One question I get a lot I will answer right now. The order of the teams is being determined by you guys. On a recent Facebook post, I asked readers to make recommendations. I'm going in the order they were asked. If you have any others questions about the galleries, you can ask them in the comments.