Sabres' New Owner Keeping Look

No changes to Sabres uniforms in 2011 / SabresThe Buffalo Sabres will retain their current home, road and alternate uniforms for at least another season, according to the club's new ownership.

This is old news but it deserves a place on the blog for posterity. Sabres blog Die by the Blade recently did a write-up on an online chat between fans and new president Ted Black, speaking on behalf of owner Terry Pegula. Among the topics were two that will please Icethetics readers.

Quoting Die by the Blade's Andy Boron:

  • The slug will be taken off the scoreboard, and they team is considering some sort of fun "Slug Appreciation Day" for that event. He did not mention whether this would involve the proposed jersey trade-in/discount program.
  • There will be no changes to the primary or third jerseys for next year.

Despite the sweeping uniform changes this season (back to something a little more traditional), the slug has persisted in some places, most notably, the arena. Totally unacceptable, right? Sounds like the new brass will be doing some house cleaning.

And of course, it's great to see that the current uniform set will remain unchanged. As it should be. But don't count out the possibility that the new owner may want to put his stamp on the club with a new third jersey in 2012-13 or beyond.

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