The Best Jerseys in the Southeast

Earlier this year, we began a series of polls asking readers to rate the 2010-11 uniforms worn across the NHL for the purpose of creating a fan-determined ranking. We've completed the teams in Canada and the western United States. Now we move on to the southeastern U.S.

Each group includes six teams, split up by geography. This set of polls includes Atlanta, Carolina, Florida, Nashville, St. Louis and Tampa Bay. You can rate each jersey individually with a 10, 5 or 1. (You can either love it, hate it, or be on the fence. Keeps things simple.)

After all the votes have been cast, an average rating will be calculated. These polls will remain open for two weeks, ending Thurs., July 14. When we've voted on all the teams, I'll assemble a complete league ranking of every uniform worn for the 2010-11 season. Happy voting!

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