Caps to Sport Throwback Third in 2011-12

After years of telling us that for reasons relating to the economy, it would be unseemly for his Washington Capitals to add a third jersey, owner Ted Leonsis is changing his tune. He once said, how could he ask fans struggling to pay bills to buy another jersey? 

But that's all changed now because the Caps will join their 2011 Winter Classic opponent in resurrecting their outdoor jersey as an alternate this season. It was announced today that the sweater will be worn for 16 road games during the fast-approaching 2011-12 season. The throwback sweater is based on what the Capitals wore from their inception in 1974 until 1995.

Alex OvechkinAnyway, along with announcing the addition of the third jersey, the Caps released a schedule to tell us every night the retro duds will see action. Here it is:

  • Sat., Nov. 26 – at Buffalo Sabres
  • Fri., Dec. 23 – at New Jersey Devils
  • Wed., Jan. 18 – at Montreal Canadiens
  • Fri., Jan. 20 – at Carolina Hurricanes
  • Sun., Jan. 22 – at Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Sat., Feb. 4 – at Montreal Canadiens
  • Sun., Feb. 12 – at New York Rangers
  • Mon., Feb. 20 – at Carolina Hurricanes
  • Sat., Feb. 25 – at Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Sat., Mar. 10 – at Boston Bruins
  • Fri., Mar. 16 – at Winnipeg Jets
  • Sun., Mar. 18 – at Chicago Blackhawks
  • Mon., Mar. 19 – at Detroit Red Wings
  • Thurs., Mar. 22 – at Philadelphia Flyers
  • Mon., Apr. 2 – at Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Sat., Apr. 7 – at New York Rangers

One key difference to the uniform this season is that the Caps will wear white helmets. That'll be especially handy as they're wearing them twice in Raleigh, where the Canes will already be wearing red helmets. Wouldn't that be a sight?

I have to admit I feel silly. I've known about this third jersey thing since last week but completely forgot to include it in Tuesday's blog post. But then I've been terribly preoccupied with things outside of the Internet lately. Oops.

And I know I was giving Leonsis a hard time about going back on his third jersey philosophy, but maybe there's something to the fact that they're only wearing it on the road this year. They're not parading around in front of the home crowd with it. Sure, the fans will see it on TV but that's a different experience from seeing it live.

Also, I probably would've given him less of a hard time had the new third jersey actually been new. I, like many of you, am still waiting on a blue jersey with the Weagle on the front. Will that day ever come? Maybe if the economy ever turns around.