The Charitable Side of the NHL

The effects of the NHL lockout are not just being felt by the players and owners who are quabbling over their share of billions of dollars. Every team has its own charitable organization that keeps the money flowing to those in need over the course of the season. And without full arenas, things like 50/50 drawings aren't happening.

The good news is that these organizations are still finding ways to help their communities. And in an effort to give them some attention and fulfill the purpose of this blog (logos!), here's a little something for you to enjoy this weekend.

So how about that? All 30 charitable organizations tied to NHL franchises. You probably noticed that while most are team specific, a few are not. For example, the Colorado Avalanche work with Kroenke Sports Charities as both are owned by the same parent company. Similar situation with the Maple Leafs and MLSE Team Up Foundation as well as the Rangers and Garden of Dreams.

Now go and be charitable!