Winter Classic: What Might've Been

Online retailer apparently leaks 2013 Winter Classic T-shirts

Just a couple of days after the 2013 NHL Winter Classic was supposed to take place, we're getting a sneak peek at what the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs would've worn — and what they might be wearing when the outdoor game does move to 2014.

The above images were posted Wednesday on the message boards by Pizzaman7294. They were downloaded from, an online retailer of sports merchandise. And while the T-shirts don't appear to be listed as available products on the public area of the website, the images still exist in the site's database.

The Winter Classic was originally scheduled for Tuesday at The Big House in Ann Arbor, Mich. but the lack of a new CBA led the NHL to cancel the game along with about half of the season so far. (You don't need me to tell you about that.) We never did see the jerseys, though the logo was unveiled by the Red Wings over the summer.

It's expected that the game will simply be shifted to next season — Jan. 1, 2014 — with the location and opponents remaining the same. Presumably, then, the Wings and Leafs will wear the same jerseys and logos that were originally designed for the 2013 game.

What do you think of the designs seen above? Do they have you looking forward to the Winter Classic finally being played? Maybe they'll get some of our concept artists thinking!