Charlottetown Islanders Unveil Logo

The QMJHL's P.E.I. Rocket officially became the Charlottetown Islanders this morning. A press conference was held at the Charlottetown Civic Centre to introduce the franchise's new ownership group as well as the new branding.

Gone is the anthropomorphic missile of the past 10 years in favor of a more traditional type of junior hockey logo. The new colors are black and a muted gold — not unlike the Pittsburgh Penguins. Text is at the heart of this logo with the Confederation Bridge and an ocean wave playing supporting roles.

Oddly, the shape of Prince Edward Island itself is nowhere to be found. Perhaps in a yet-to-be-released secondary logo? Jerseys will be unveiled on June 15, according to The Guardian, but we might get an early look at the QMJHL draft on June 8.

It's not a bad logo, though clearly the new owners didn't spend a lot of money having it developed. (Or at least I hope they didn't.) The use of Arial Black for the city name sort of shouts amateur. But this is junior hockey, so the logos don't have to knock our socks off.

Share your take on the new logo in the comments. But first, one last look at the old Rocket.

P.E.I. Rocket, 2003—2013