Piecing Together the 'NewStorm'

The Carolina Hurricanes have been giving us a sneak peek at their new home and road uniforms by way of a series of teaser photos on Instagram. Every few days I'm taking the time to get us caught up on what's been revealed so far — in case you don't follow them on Instagram or me on Twitter.

Photos from Carolina Hurricanes (via Instagram)

Between Thursday and Sunday, we got the four images above. They show us a new striping pattern (perhaps on the sleeve), a new collar and a new name and number font, which I believe to be the following.

It just so happens to match the font used for the hashtag (#NewStorm) seen in each of their Instagram posts. It's much simpler and cleaner. And isn't that the trend these days?

Photos from Carolina Hurricanes (via Instagram)

Since Monday we've gotten these previews. The shot of the glove and pants show us a lot of red. A lot. Almost a Red Wings amount of red. The white jersey photo appears to give us a possible glimpse of the sleeve striping. And today's seems to show the waist striping of the new home sweater. A new double stripe?

From what we've seen so far, it's definitely looking like a more traditional hockey sweater — at least compared to what the Canes have been wearing since they moved from Hartford in 1997.