Hurricanes Reveal Final Teaser

Photos from Carolina Hurricanes (via Instagram)

Last two photos reveal two different collar styles

This morning the Carolina Hurricanes released the final two images in the lead-up to Tuesday's uniform unveiling. The biggest thing thing we learned is they will have two different collar styles. The white road jersey will have the standard V-neck while the home sweater will use the traditional laces.

After 11 separate images, we still don't have a clear picture of what the jerseys will look like. But I'm pretty sure that's what the Hurricanes were going for. Tease us just a little bit without giving it all away. It was a fun and satsifying little run and I hope more teams employ this strategy for future unveilings.

They've definitely whet our appetites for Tuesday morning. Speaking of which, the team's web producer, Michael Smith, promised me a little in-flight entertainment on my way to Dallas. The Hurricanes will apparently be streaming the event on their website.

I'll do my best to share a link when the time comes, but that'll depend a lot upon my ability to get Internet access at 30,000 feet. So just keep an eye on their home page. I'm sure they'll have a link front and center.

By the way, a few concept artists have worked up designs based on what's been revealed so far. Check them out in today's post.

Finally, as I've mentioned numerous times (and not just in this post), I will be in Dallas on Tuesday evening for the unveiling of the Stars' new branding. I'll have a post up tomorrow with details about how you can follow along with my trip as well as the big event.