Predators Unveil 15th Anniversary Logo

Nashville celebrates decade-and-a-half with special mark

All right. First, who else is reeling from the revelation that the Nashville Predators have been around for 15 years? Now I think I understand all the folks who couldn't believe last year was the Lightning's 20th. How old am I?

With that out of the way, there's not much to this story. The Preds unveiled the logo on Monday along with plans for marking the anniversary starting in the fall. That link is useful if you want to know more.

Before you ask, I don't anticipate any special jerseys for next season. Certainly no third at least. And 15 years doesn't really feel long enough to break out the "classic sweaters." (That's not to say I wouldn't enjoy seeing Nashville in those old mustard thirds again.)

In their release, the Predators did tease a special 15th anniversary website with stories from the origins of the club. If nothing else, maybe we'll get to relive the stories about how the name and logo came about. And if we're really lucky, maybe they'll share some of the original concept logos they looked at before landing on the final version.

In other anniversary-related news, let's remember the Anaheim Ducks should be marking 20 years this season, having been founded in 1993. (The Stars also moved to Dallas in 1993 yet did their 20th anniversary thing this past season.)

And in case you missed it amid all the Dallas/Carolina excitement, the Florida Panthers unveiled their 20th anniversary logo last month. I don't believe there are any other anniversaries that end in 0 or 5 this year. At least not in the NHL.