Sharks Signal "Next Wave" of Jerseys

Images from San Jose Sharks (via Instagram)

San Jose previews new sweater with Instagram video

Out of the blue tonight, the San Jose Sharks used an Instagram video to give us our first glimpse of one of their new sweaters — slated to debut this fall.

The teaser clip is four seconds long and features a creepy Jaws-like musical stinger with the hashtag #TheNextWave and an incredibly brief one-frame flash of the jersey (seen above). At the end, another title comes up reading "Coming Soon..."

Based on the sharktooth stitching (clever!), we're likely looking at the elbow of the teal home sweater. The key difference — if you can call it that — is we now have one orange stripe instead of two. I'm sure there are at least a few more changes to make this relaunch worthwhile, but we'll probably have to wait to see those.

I think it's funny they're calling the new jerseys "The Next Wave." You may recall the Sharks when the Sharks launched their third jersey in 2008, they nicknamed it "Black Armor".

I'll keep an eye out for any more teasers from the Sharks. I'm sure there will be more.