The First 4 Wild Jersey Teasers

Photos from Minnesota Wild

Latest photo shows new sweater's striping

The Minnesota Wild have now released four of the seven teaser images planned ahead of the official unveiling of the new road jersey on Sunday. Prior to today, all we'd learned about were the details of the collar. The latest photo shows us the striping.

For those expecting a reversed version of the Wild's green alternate jersey, this is evidence to support you. Whether we're looking at a sleeve or the waist, this striping pattern looks awfully familiar. But that makes sense.

At the moment, all three of Minnesota's jerseys look wildly different (accidentally pun) — none use the same template. So I wouldn't be surprised to see this new jersey move closer in style to one of the others. And given how much the green appears in team marketing and promotions, it's a safe bet they're going in that direction.

Again, the full jersey will be revealed at the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday at 11:30 AM CT. I'll have photos here once they're available.

By the way, is anyone terribly disappointed that it's late Thursday morning and we still haven't seen a new teaser photo from the Buffalo Sabres? Yeah, me neither.