Last Wild Teaser Leaks a Day Early

Image shared by @andrewpheil (via Twitter)

The last of seven teaser images scheduled this week by the Minnesota Wild leaked this morning. Andrew Heil (@andrewpheil on Twitter) first came across the image and shared it on Twitter. The image, though small, appears to show the crest. And as I speculated earlier today, it will be the standard primary logo front and center.

The image comes from the splash page of the Wild's official website, so in truth they leaked it themselves. (Intentionally, perhaps?) The team has been updating the splash page each day with the latest teaser photo. Today, it looks like this. Tomorrow, presumably, it will look like what you see above.

A logical question is, could this be faked? It could be, but it's not. I got the image at the top of this post directly from the Wild's website — same as Andrew. If you're curious, the key is understanding and applying file naming conventions. Pretty simple and I'm surprised to see the Wild make this error.

But they did, so it's fair game. Now that we've seen all the teasers, all my efforts tomorrow can go into the big unveiling. It happens at 11:30 AM CT at the Minnesota State Fair. I'll leave you with a look at all seven teaser photos together in one place.