Sabres Share More Jersey Previews

Photos from Buffalo Sabres (via Twitter)

New photo tweets expose very little 

I'm just back from a long, relaxing vacation in Alaska — albeit a little worse for wear. (Literally now limping around after ruining my ankle — I don't want to say how.) But as that has little bearing on my typing abilities, let's get to the news of the day. Or should I say the old news of last week.

While I was away from the Internet, the Buffalo Sabres shared a couple more of those "sneak glimpses" of their forthcoming third jersey. And really, I'm not sure why. They didn't really offer anything new. You can see them both in the graphic above at their original resolution — small.

Both show roughly the same area of the sweater, reiterating that it will be gold. We get it. The first one, posted on July 26 appears to show a new white stripe somewhere on the front. Hard to gauge the precise location. Then on Thursday (Aug. 1), we got another one again showing the crest with what seems to be the sleeve in the foreground.

I'm normally a fan of these drawn-out unveilings with little tidbits along the way — like what the Hurricanes did this summer. But are the Sabres just trying to bother us by showing the same thing in different tweets saying stuff like "another sneak peek" and "exclusive pics" and the like?

If so, Sabres 1, jersey geeks 0. I'll be looking forward to seeing something that's actually new.

What do you guys make of these reveals? Because for me, it's not a whole lot.