Senators Confirm "Vintage White"

Photo from Ottawa Senators (via Facebook)

Friday's Heritage Classic jersey teaser infuses color

On Friday night, the Ottawa Senators posted a new teaser photo for their 2014 Heritage Classic jersey. It's basically the same portion we saw earlier in the week — only now in color!

It confirms only that the jersey will be beige (or "vintage white" as I prefer to call it). This color has been used frequently in the NHL as part of "heritage" palettes for a variety of teams including the Bruins, Blackhawks, Rangers, Flyers and of course the Senators themselves.

What do you think? Brilliant idea or disaster?

Sabres, Sens and Stadiums Redux

Several recent stories require follow-ups so I'm squeezing them all into tonight's post.

Sabres release 2013-14 third jersey schedule

Believe it or not, there are still skeptics out there. Those who don't believe the gold third jersey unveiled by Buffalo Sabres in September was the real deal. Those who thought that Steve Ott business was just a prank. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

Either way, this faction will finally and officially be proven wrong on Sunday when the Sabres debut their controversial new threads. The team released its 10-game third jersey schedule today. You can see it in the graphic below.

Photo from Buffalo Sabres

The schedule begins and ends with Detroit, a new divisional rival for the Sabres in the Atlantic Division. The jersey will not see action on the road this season.

Before I move on, it should be noted that the genesis of this design is explained for the first time in today's press release. Take a look:

The third jersey, which was revealed via the team’s social media platforms in September, was designed by the Sabres’ creative team in collaboration with Reebok. Challenged by Sabres ownership to use gold as the primary jersey color for the first time in team history, the design team looked at jerseys and uniforms from across the full spectrum of professional sports for inspiration. The result was a two-tone jersey with gold as the primary color on the front and navy blue on the back. This design concept is believed to be a first for the NHL.

"Believed to be a first"? The NHL's jersey history is fully documented. There aren't any mysteries. (In fact, if you've never been to, I highly recommend it.) Point is, this is definitely a first, for better or worse.

Now, to Ottawa.

Senators start offering up Heritage teasers

We're now a week away from the Ottawa Senators unveiling of their 2014 Heritage Classic jersey and the ancipated teasers are well underway. In fact, we've gotten two this week.

Photo from Ottawa Senators (via Facebook)

This photo (right) was posted to the Sens' various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It's a gray-scaled photo of the top portion of the sweater. Because of the lack of color, though, it's tough to tell whether the jersey is white or "vintage white" — but I still made a vintage white graphic for the top of this story.

I'm not sure that's a great color for a jersey, however, so it's probably white in reality. A future teaser may answer that question for us before next week.

The "C" on the chest is the only element that gives anything away. But so far, it's looking like a reverse of the black Heritage third jersey the Sens have been wearing for a couple years.

In other words, it'll probably look a lot like this concept by Mat Ware.

But this wasn't the Sens' first teaser. On Tuesday, they gave us a bizarre video of Erik Karlsson and Jason Spezza recounting their reactions to seeing the sweater for the first time. As teasers go, this was one of the worst I've ever seen. And there have been some bad ones this year.

Video stills from Ottawa Senators

Nonetheless, it's worth reporting, so let's get through it. Erik Karlsson went first. He said:

It's different. I think it looks good with the color that it is. And it actually looks like it is old. The combination is a little bit older than probably what team uses nowadays. The first time I saw it I right away thought of something old. But still good looking.

I like it. I like it a lot. I think it tells a lot of history with the way it looks. I think the numbers on the back are looking a little better I think than maybe the red and the white. It's a little more special. And everybody on the team says the same thing. It's a great looking jersey that right away gives away a lot of history.

Based on Karlsson's description, it doesn't sound as similar to the black jersey as we're expecting. He makes specific note of how "old" it looks (perhaps it could be vintage white after all?) and the numbers on the back (different from the third jersey?).

But then again, I'd be very surprised if Karlsson put as much thought into hockey sweaters as we do here, so I don't want to put too much stock into what he's saying just yet. The photo below was shown while Karlsson was speaking.

Video still from Ottawa Senators

Could it be anymore clear? 

Then Jason Spezza expressed his take:

It's something that, to me, seems like a hockey jersey. It's a traditional jersey. I like the way it looks and I think it's been good for us. It's a great jersey. I think they've done a great job with it. It's something that the players will like, the fans will like. It kind of ties in to the whole "heritage" aspect of it all.

I think whenever you can take a modern jersey and put a bit of a traditional twist to it, I think it's a cool thing. It's something you can tell is well thought out. And it's nice to tie to the two generations together.

What stuck out to me was "it's been good for us." Yet they've never worn it before. So either it is the reverse of the black jersey, or Spezza misspoke. The following photo was shown while he spoke.

Video still from Ottawa Senators

When I first watched this video, I was thinking the jersey could be full-on barber pole with stripes top to bottom. But today's teaser photo killed that theory, of course. In fact, there's not a single stripe visible in the teaser.

One more thing caught my eye. This old Senators sweater was also shown during the interviews.

Video still from Ottawa Senators

Is it possible the Sens could revive this script on the new sweater as opposed to falling back to the big black "O"? It would definitely stand out and wordmark-based throwbacks seem to be trending lately. What would you prefer?

Video still from Ottawa Senators

Canucks sticking with Millionaires sweater?

While we're on the subject of the Heritage Classic, an email sent to Vancouver Canucks fans today regarding tickets was decked out in Millionaires colors. That combined with the lack of any talk about a new Vancouver jersey is making it look more and more like that's what the Canucks will wear on March 2. And that's definitely a good thing.

More clue-laden Stadium Series gear shows up

Since we last spoke (two days ago), more 2014 NHL Stadium Series gear has appeared online. First, we've gotten front and back looks at the New Jersey Devils' T-shirts. Take a look.

Photos from

This version doesn't make use of the chrome logo, as you can see. Turns out this series of shirts includes two versions for every team — one with chrome, one without. Here's what I mean.

Source unknown

This might be a good time to point out some news about the Devils' Stadium Series jersey. Beat reporter Tom Gulitti tweeted the following on Wednesday morning.

So it sounds like those St. Patrick's Day jerseys will be returning — and perhaps "futuristic" doesn't accurately describe all seven Stadium Series sweaters. Time will tell for sure.

Now on to more treats from

Photos from

This blue hoodie gives us a look at the Islanders' elongated numbers — a lot like what we saw Tuesday with the Rangers, Blackhawks and Penguins, but not the Devils, interestingly. And if you're still wondering about the California clubs, they too have elongated numbers.

Photos from

Of course these shirts are confusing because both are black. So maybe these shirts don't say as much about the jerseys as we thought. Plus, we already know the Ducks will be wearing orange. The question then, is about the numbers. Will they look like this after all?

Let's wrap this thing up with a few unusual Stadium Series shirts.

Photos from

What's with the "Hockey Bear" on the Ducks shirt? Is that a thing I'm unaware of? (UPDATE: Everyone is telling me it's a nod to the state flag of California. I can see that. And it fits thematically with the others.) The other two at least make a little sense to me.

Anyway, these jerseys should be unveiled soon so we can stop all this speculating.

What's in Store for the Stadium Series?

New event merchandise could be full of clues

I rarely get the opportunity for a good headline pun. Tonight we're taking a look at some new NHL Stadium Series T-shirts that are now showing up in stores. The designs could be offering some insight into what the forthcoming jerseys will look like.

We'll dive in with the New York Rangers first.

Photos from ebay (o_sports_gear)

A few things to note. First, the shirt is white. We'll see that's not the case with all of them and there's reason to believe they may suggest the colors of each team's Stadium Series jersey. For one thing, a source tells me the Rangers' jersey is, in fact, white.

It makes sense as the Rangers will be the designated "road team" for both of their Yankee Stadium games against the Islanders and Devils. Speaking of the Devils... (On a roll with these awful puns!)

Photo by @TheJerseyNYRFan (via Twitter)

A photo posted to Twitter by @TheJerseyNYRFan on Monday shows the back of the New Jersey Devils shirt. It's red with white numbers.

The tweeter also pointed out the coloring of the Devils' chrome Stadium Series logo on the "Cross River Rivals" tee seen in the middle. There's no green in sight. But it's likely that has more to do with the production costs associated with the number of colors used in the screen printing process.

Back to the Rangers for a moment.  The number treatment seen on these shirts is unlike anything the team has used before. The grey/silver evokes the design used on the Lady Liberty jerseys from back in the late '90s. But those numbers used red for the shadow rather than a thin outline.

Photo by Jessica D'Agata (@ayojess via Twitter)

This blue New York Islanders tee seems to confirm the idea that the shirts match the jersey colors. But look closely and you'll see this chrome Isles logo doesn't quite match the one released last week. The one on the shirt has rounded corners and an angled corner at the top of the Y.

To sum up, these are the colors and logos that will be representing these teams in January.

As far as jersey crests, I think it's accurate only for the Devils and Islanders. It sounds like the Rangers will, as usual, go with a wordmark across their chests and the shield will be used on the shoulders. Whether the crests will make use of this chrome-treated effect is anyone's guess. But I hope not.

Let's switch gears now to the Soldier Field game in Chicago.

Photos from ebay (o_sports_gear)

The Chicago Blackhawks have red Stadium Series T-shirts. As the home team, this makes sense. But the noteworthy element of these photos is the elongated number design. It's the standard Blackhawks font, but it's stretched out.

If you look back at the Rangers' shirts you'll notice the same thing. It's just more pronounced here.

The elongated design is very noticeable on the Pittsburgh Penguins shirts. Their jersey numbers are usually rather wide. Definitely not the case here. So could these number redesigns be an element of the "futuristic" jerseys we've heard about?

Based on the colors and crests, it doesn't appear things will look too different for Chicago's Stadium Series game. Here are the colors and crests based on what we've seen so far.

That leaves us with the California game at Dodger Stadium.

Just today, a new T-shirt showed up for the Los Angeles Kings with another new logo.

Photo from TEAM LA Store

The TEAM LA Store started selling this, described as a "ligature logo T-shirt." A ligature is basically a couple of letters joined together to create a unique letterform. It's the letters from the Kings' primary logo — which is also featured on the tee. However, it is not the same as the chrome logo unveiled last week. So that's nice and confusing.

What will be on the front of the Kings' Stadium Series sweater? Your guess is as good as mine, but I doubt it's this ligature. This shirt is different from the previous ones seen in this post. The others have the NHL shield in place of the Reebok logo near the neck — and apart from that and the chrome logo, there's nothing else on the front of them.

In other words, this shirt doesn't seem to be part of the same series as the others.

As for the Anaheim Ducks, I haven't seen a shirt yet. All I know is the jersey will be orange. That's according to a tweet by Ducks PR guy Adam Brady. This means the L.A.-based outdoor game may feature orange versus black. We already know the 2014 Winter Classic will see red versus blue. Nice to see the league branching out.

We don't have enough information to be certain yet, so this graphic is a bit of an educated guess on my part. Like I said, the Kings could end up wearing white. (I'm just hoping they don't.)

As we piece together the looks for the upcoming Stadium Series, what are you hoping to see or not see?

Sens to Unveil Heritage Classic Jersey

Ottawa's new sweater to launch on Nov. 28

While America celebrates Thanksgiving, Canada will celebrate the arrival of a new NHL sweater. The Ottawa Senators announced Sunday they will unveil their 2014 Heritage Classic jersey on Thurs., Nov. 28. The outdoor game will be hosted by the Vancouver Canucks at B.C. Place on March 2.

As we've come to expect, the next 11 days will be filled with photo and video teasers through the Sens' social media avenues. In case you want to follow them, here are their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. But you can always count on seeing them here as well.

Also included in the press release was this insight into the big game.

The Heritage Classic game is a tribute to the 1915 Stanley Cup match where the Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA) faced the Ottawa Senators (NHA). This would be the first time that the champions from both professional leagues would face off for the Stanley Cup.

Does this mean the Canucks will reprise those Vancouver Millionaires sweaters from last season?

File photo from Vancouver Canucks (2012)

It sure sounds that way. Those jerseys were too nice not to get a second go-around. But if that is the case, it would be the first time any Winter Classic jersey had been used prior to its outdoor appearance. (Yes, they've mostly been throwbacks, but you know what I'm saying.)

If the Canucks sport maroon, the Sens would have to go with something lighter. Many readers have expressed a desire to see a "vintage white" version of the Senators' black third jersey — also known as the Heritage Jersey. At this point that's almost a shoo-in. It could make for a great-looking game!

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it. (In person!)

Chrome Logos for Stadium Series

Effected logos to represent seven participating teams

Today, in a bizarre move, the NHL unveiled a collection of what it calls "chrome-treated" logos for the seven teams participating in the 2014 NHL Stadium Series. In essence, it was the result of someone goofing around with Photoshop — a fact eluding exactly no one. But there were some interesting revelations to discuss.

First, a new version of the New York Islanders primary logo was added to the mix — without the map of Long Island, the wordmark or the classic blue circle. The team has never used the NY on its own before. But check out the graphic posted on the front page of the Isles' website today.

It shows us that the new logo — un-chromed — was designed to sit on a blue background. So it appears we should be anticipating a blue jersey for the Isles' Stadium Series appearance.

By the way, said jersey is now on sale to Islanders' season ticket holders — sight unseen, no less. I'm not sure I could bring myself to part with that much money to buy something I've never seen.

The chrome logo for the New Jersey Devils re-introduces an old color palette. Green is back! But does this mean the Devils will simply break out the throwback jerseys they've been wearing in recent years for St. Patrick's Day? Based on what I've been hearing, I'm not so sure. Read on, I'll explain.

The Isles and Devils will both face the New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium in late January. And while this chrome-ified shield would indicate a Blueshirts throwback to the 1970s, I understand this logo will be little more than a shoulder patch.

The Rangers are known for the diagonal text across the front of their uniforms, and it may well be "NEW YORK" on the chest rather than the club's nickname — not unlike their Heritage Jersey, which debuted in 2011. Something to keep an eye on as we wait for the unveiling.

Speaking of which, the Rangers' own press release tells us the league will reveal all of the Stadium Series jerseys together "in the coming weeks." When that is exactly is anyone's guess.

The Los Angeles Kings are going back to the crown for their Stadium Series logo. But note the conspicuous lack of purple. Perhaps a sign the Kings could sport a Gretzky-era look? Maybe, but again I'm not so sure. Stay with me here.

The Kings' Dodger Stadium foe will be the Anaheim Ducks. But didn't we hear recently that Mighty Ducks might be making another appearance this season? Not if we assume this logo is the crest of the team's new sweater. On the other hand, I do still expect it to be orange. This would allow the Kings to wear black or white.

The Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins will wrap up the Stadium Series on March 1 at Soldier Field. But their fancy chrome logos give us nothing. They're exactly the same as their existing primary marks — you know except for all that fancy chrome stuff.

I swear I did a logo treatment like this for Icethetics several years back. I'll have to try to track that stuff down. It didn't last long because you guys told me it looked terrible. And it did. Guess no one told them.

Stadium Series aesthetics will not be inspired by tradition

Since 2008, we've become accustomed to outdoor NHL games requiring a certain historical aesthetic. It's right there in the name. The Winter Classic. The Heritage Classic (double there!). Teams wear throwback jerseys and the whole event is designed to evoke feelings of the game's origin out there on the frozen pond in a world that could barely imagine our immense 20,000-seat arenas.

But there's a reason they didn't call this the Stadium Classic Series. (And it's not just the extra syllables.) The word "classic" conjures old-time hockey thanks to the Winter and Heritage Classics. It's my understanding the NHL is going in the opposite direction for these events. In a way, the goofy chrome logo treatment is to get fans out of that retro mindset.

It's right there in the Rangers' press release, actually.

The NHL also unveiled today the NHL Chrome Collection, chrome-treated team logos specifically designed for use in connection with the 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series™. The Chrome logo designs are unique to the NHL Stadium Series and inspired from the chrome details on the NHL shield, bringing a dynamic and modern perspective to conventional team identities.

We might be wise to read a little more into that last line. Bringing a "modern perspective to conventional team identities." Likely a frightening thought to the traditionalists among us, but probably an important idea to consider.

In fact, someone with knowledge of the Stadium Series jersey designs recently described them to me as "futuristic." Later, another source told me the NHL and Reebok took the lead designing them. The teams were merely "consulted" as opposed to being directly involved.

Think about that as we wait for the league to finally unveil the jerseys. What sort of futuristic ideas could you imagine Reebok incorporating into these new uniforms?

Review: Flames Alternate Jersey

The wait has been long enough. This review now needs to be epic. It won't be, but at least it's here.

The Calgary Flames unveiled their new third jersey on Oct. 27. The new look made its on-ice debut on Nov.1 — so by now, we've had plenty of time to fully appreciate it.

Photo from Calgary Flames

My expectations for sweaters designs from Canadian teams are typically high. I feel like the nation that birthed the sport should have the best-looking teams. That's not necessarily sound logic, just a feeling. I tend to hold the Canadian teams on a higher pedestal in this regard.

However, when we learned the Flames had a new third jersey in the works this year, my expectations were a little different. In 2009, the Flames introduced a retro third jersey — modeled after their original uniforms from the 1980s. Most people — myself included — felt like that was the pinnacle of Calgary third jersey options. (The home and road could still have used some work, on the other hand.)

How could the Flames improve upon their first black-free jersey since 1994? Simply put, they couldn't. Even a lateral move was off the table. They could only hope to do something different. And that they achieved.

Photo from Calgary Flames

In typical fashion, the jersey was red. But for the first time in team history, a wordmark adorned the chest of a Flames sweater. The team wanted to declare pride in its city. But on first glance, it seemed like a knock-off the Buffalo Sabres' third jersey from 2010 — the retro-style script with the classic primary mark underneath.

In the last two weeks, my opinion of the crest hasn't changed much. I'm not from Calgary, so perhaps that's why it's difficult for me to appreciate the sentiment. But I am from Tampa and care little for the "TAMPA BAY" scrawled across the Lightning's road jersey. I'd prefer seeing a simple symbol represent our city. I don't think there's any better symbol for Calgary than the flaming C.

But since that's already on a couple of jerseys, this is what I would've rather seen on the chest. I will admit that roundel logos have been overdone in the NHL and the style of this one is slightly reminscent of the Flames' provincial rival in Edmonton. But with a bit of simplification, it could've made a brilliant crest.

Needless to say, I think it makes an excellent shoulder patch for this jersey. The logo represents the many natural facets of Calgary's surrounding region from wheat fields to mountain ranges in front of the setting sun. It's clever imagery and a slick design.

However, the two logos featured on this jersey do not feel like they belong on the same sweater. The styles are worlds apart. I get the sense the two logos were perhaps part of separate proposals and mashed together by a decision-maker without an eye for design. But I could be wrong.

In the last few years, Reebok has appeared limited in its template variety. A handful of basic jersey designs seem to permeate all of the hockey world at this point. But the Flames' new third shows the manufacturer is willing to try new things.

Not only is this a completely new template, it's custom for a specific look the Flames were going for. Check out the shoulder yoke. That unusual design was inspired by the classic western shirt — a staple of any cowboy's closet. This is the sort of thing I absolutely love about third jerseys. Every team should try something a little outside the box now and then.

Speaking of unusual, the graphic suggests the designers were trying to take an overused feature like the lace-up collar and make it their own. Apparently, this one was designed with the intent to string it upside down. But looking through pictures of the Nov. 1 game, none of the players were interested in wearing it that way.

Photos from Calgary Flames

Good effort anyhow. By the way, you'll notice the alternate captains' "A" in the form of the Atlanta Flames logo is carried over from the primary jerseys. Nice way to keep Atlanta alive in the NHL even if it can't have a team of its own.

Photo from Calgary Flames (via Twitter)

What I love most about this jersey is the attention to detail. Hardly any jersey introduced in the last couple of years has been able to avoid Reebok's trendy "hanger effect" — the design on the inside of the collar. Here we see elements of the shoulder patch reprised.

It's a great feature for jersey buyers. Owning it is really the only way to appreciate it. And I'm certain that was Reebok's goal. They are a business after all.

Photo from Calgary Flames

On the other hand, I don't love every detail. The 5 — along with the full number set — was designed to be distinctive. But I'm afraid the it missed the mark a bit. It's distinctive, but not for the better. It just looks like a flipped two. Our brains are not accustomed to quick recognition of a shape like this. Until we get used to it, it's going to feel like an error — like someone stitched a digit upside down.

I can't help but wonder if it ends up being a situation similar to what the Lightning had back when they introduced the italicized electric numbers in 1995. The 1 always looked like a 7 and the 8 barely looked like an 8. Adjustments were made quickly to help with legibility.

Apart from the 5, I do like the rest of the numbers. In particular, I like that they're white. The black on red isn't unreadable, but it's not as easy on the eyes. And the thin yellow stripes on the jersey help to tone down any similarities to the New Jersey Devils' look.

Let's wrap this up with some thoughts about what might have been. The Flames released a video on their website after the unveiling talking about the new look. It included a shot of a wall covered in unused concepts. In some of them, it's clear why they were cut. In others, less so.

I love the simplified flaming C at the top of this photo. What a great way to move that classic mark into the 21st century. But I certainly think the existing version will stand the test of time. I wouldn't be surprised to see the exact same logo still in use when the team celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2030. 

If nothing else, maybe some of our concept artists can have a little fun with some of these designs. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.


This is always the hard part, so I'll try to make it easier with a pros/cons list.


  • Attention to detail, namely the shoulder yoke and collar
  • The shoulder patch and "hanger effect"
  • White numbers
  • New striping pattern


  • Had to be red to be a crowd-pleaser, but I think a third jersey should be a third color
  • The wordmark crest is disappointing
  • 5

What are your pros and cons?

And don't forget to check out the updated Jersey Galleries!

Minor Jersey Mayhem

This is a big weekend for specialty jerseys around the minor leagues. Let's start in the AHL!

Game photo from Rockford IceHogs (via Flickr)

Rockford celebrates Los IceHogs Dos!

How can we not start here? The Rockford IceHogs donned these numbers for Los IceHogs Dos this weekend. If you missed "Uno," check out this post from last year. They are really something.

I talked with IceHogs' communications director Mike Peck who said the team partnered with the Latino Leadership Coalition in Rockford for the event. In fact, they inspired the jersey design.

"They really wanted to highlight the strong musical aspect of the Hispanic/Latino culture," said Peck.

The IceHogs wore this uniform on Friday night and auctioned them off afterward with "proceeds being donated to La Voz Latina, an organization dedicated to serving the Rockford region’s Hispanic community through education, workshops and youth programming," according to the press release.

The great thing about these specialty jersey nights around the minors is that these teams are always raising money for charity. So no matter how silly the team may look on the ice, at least it's for a good cause.

Photo from Worcester Sharks (via Facebook)

Worcester raises autism awareness

The Worcester Sharks wore these jerseys on Friday and Saturday to benefit The Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts. The puzzle piece pattern is the standard symbol of autism awareness.

Photos from Texas Stars

Texas dons player-designed stars and stripes

This Veterans Day weekend was marked by a number of patriotic or military-themed jerseys. The Texas Stars called it Stars & Stripes Military Appreciation Weekend and wore these jerseys on Friday and Saturday. The subsequent jersey auction is benefiting the Texas Stars Foundation.

The cool part of this uniform is who designed it. Remember Taylor Vause? He played for the Swift Current Broncos a couple seasons and ago and was responsible for designing some fo the team's specialty jerseys. He's continued that hobby since graduating to the pros.

Vause spent most of last season with the Stars but is currently with the club's ECHL affiliate, the Idaho Steelheads. So unfortunately, while he designed this jersey, he didn't get to wear it this weekend.

Images from Springfield Falcons and Hershey Bears

Falcons and Bears go patriotic for Veterans Day

The Springfield Falcons and Hershey Bears honored military veterans in different ways this weekend. The Falcons wore the Hometown Heroes Night jerseys above while being shut out 3-0 on Friday. (This is the only photo I've been able to find of the jersey so far.)

The Bears, on the other hand, are going the camouflage route with tonight's set. I have yet to see any photos of the actual jersey, but the rendering above was posted to their Facebook page on Thursday.

Bakersfield can't stop making odd jerseys

And finally, we wrap up in the ECHL where this is happening tonight.

Image from Bakersfield Condors (via Facebook)

Had to make it huge so you could truly appreciate it. The Bakersfield Condors are always trying to go outside by the box with specialty jerseys. And I really don't know what to say about this one. Perhaps I could address the irony of the sponsor being Dignity Health. Because that's just what the players won't have after they wear these for three hours.

If you can't get enough, the Condors have a photo gallery on Pinterest.

I know there are some I've missed so I'll have a follow-up to this post likely later this evening. In the meantime, what do you think of these? Any favorites in the bunch?

IceCaps Unveil Third Jersey

New look designed by a fan of the St. John's club in 2011

As promised, the AHL's St. John's IceCaps unveiled their first ever third jersey on Friday night — complete with the brand new crest seen above. The team had been previewing the new look with daily teaser photos on Instagram since Oct. 28.

The coolest part of this new jersey is how it came about. That story follows these photos.

Photos from St. John's IceCaps

Check out this excerpt from the team's press release:

The jersey was designed by Troy Birmingham, a graphic artist from St. John’s, who approached the team with his concept when the club was formed in 2011. It was the first time Birmingham had designed a logo for a sports team.

To all you concept artists, I guess sometimes it does pay off to approach a team with your design. Great to see the IceCaps taking advice from their fan base on this jersey design.

Photo from St. John's IceCaps

For specifics on how Birmingham's design came about, here's another chunk of the release:

He explains his inspiration: “The primary logo was meant to represent the province as a whole, so for the third jersey I wanted a logo that was a bit more specific to the city, that’s why I used Cabot Tower,” said Mr. Birmingham.

“The font was meant to represent ice-grey gradient, power and motion and I included a stylized iceberg. I included the small outline of Newfoundland and Labrador to tie the alternate logo to the primary logo and have a connection with the original logo.

“For the jersey itself, I wanted to keep a similar colour scheme to the primary jersey but I wanted a traditional look and feel. It kind of reminds me of an old jersey from the 1970′s with the square shoulders.”

The IceCaps debuted the new look for their game against the Manchester Monarchs on Friday where they won 5-2. They'll face the Monarchs again tonight where the same sweaters.

Photos from St. John's IceCaps (via Facebook)

The new looks is fantastic — just what the IceCaps needed to infuse a bit of their own identity. For the last two years they've simply been wearing the jerseys of their NHL affiliate, the Jets. So it's nice to see them go their own way a bit here.

That's the positive. I also have a couple of negatives. The provincial flag on the shoulder is a bad trend. It started with the Calgary Flames in 2007 and the launch of their Reebok Edge jerseys. We then saw Abbotsford of the AHL follow suit.

I can only speak for myself, but I really don't want to see this become a regular thing. The way I see it, throwing a flag on your jersey is a lazy way of connecting to the locals. If your own trademarked logos can't do that job, come up with new logos that do.

Photo from St. John's IceCaps

I'm also not crazy about the crest. I like the tie-in to the city of St. John's certainly, but I'm just not sure it's a well-executed design. The text is the focal point and it has my least favorite feature in the world — a gradient.

But those are just minor issues in the overall picture. The jersey's colors and striping are cool and unique and I really like the square shoulder yokes here. In action, they look great!

St. John's to host 2014 AHL All-Star Classic

While we're on the subject of St. John's, N.L., I should point out that they're hosting the 2014 AHL All-Star Classic. The logo for the event was released back in September along with the announcement of a brand new format.

Instead of pitting two teams of AHL stars against one another, a single team of AHLers will face off against Färjestad BK from the Swedish Hockey League — known as the Swedish Elite League (or Elitserien) until this year. According to the AHL, it's the first time a Swedish club will compete in North America.

That game will take place on Wed., Feb. 12 and Canadians will be able to watch live on Sportsnet.

I'll leave you now with a look at Färjestad's logo. Pretty standard stuff for a European hockey team.

IceCaps Tease New Third Jersey

AHL club has been sharing sneak peeks on Instagram

The AHL's St. John's IceCaps will officially unveil their new third jersey tomorrow. But for the last week and a half they've been teasing us with photos on Instagram.

On Oct. 28, the IceCaps started sharing one photo a day of the new sweater via social media. I haven't been keeping up with tweeting them all — primarily since they didn't make it seem like this third will be that much different from their primary jerseys — but I have collected them all here for those interested.

Photos from St. John's IceCaps (via Instagram)

Perhaps most interesting is the use of the Newfoundland and Labrador flag, which appears to be a shoulder patch — following a trend started by the Calgary Flames, then picked up by the AHL's Abbotsford Heat.

Also, I'm curious about the colors. It feels like a cream/vintage white type of color, but I can't tell if that's just the Instagram filters doing that. I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow when it's officially unveiled.

UPDATE 7:06 PM: The last teaser came this morning and looks like a new crest for the front of the jersey.

Finland Unveils Olympic Jerseys

Photo from

Finland gets mix of traditional and modern jerseys

After taking a look last night at the new Olympic jerseys for Slovakia and Sweden, Finland has joined the party this morning. Their new Nike-designed jerseys were unveiled today. Photos of the new uniforms were shared by

The blue jersey has the coat of arms crest you would expect — with the glossy outline of a lion planted on the shoulders. The white one is essentially the Finnish flag. Both are par for the course as Nike jerseys go. By that I mean the early response has been decidedly mixed. Most either love it or hate it.

Photos from

What's your immediate take on these? Love or hate how Finland will look in Sochi?

Seven down, five to go. Who's left? Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia and Slovenia.

Slovak, Swedish Jerseys Revealed

Images from Slovak Ice Hockey Federation

Slovak national anthem forms Olympic jersey pinstripes

Earlier today, the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation unveiled the jerseys Slovakia will be wearing at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi this winter. If they look a little familiar, you're not imagining it. The white jersey, at least, is very similar the new U.S. look — unveiled by Nike in August.

What sets them apart, however, is the pinstripes. And those aren't just any pinstripes. Look closely.

Photo (right) from @Tomas_Kmec

Those stripes are actually formed by the words to the Slovak national anthem. It's a very clever feature introduced by Nike. I've been impressed by the variety of ways in which the designers have managed to make each national team jersey unique in some way — while simultaneously disappointed at some of the unnecessary similarities. But more on that another time.

If you want to see more of the jerseys, it looks like a couple of Slovak radio DJs showed them off in a YouTube video. Check it out.

By the way, I plan to write up full reviews of all the Olympic jerseys once they're each released. A lot of you are asking me what I think of them, and it's hard to say without seeing the whole lot of them.

I'm still hoping for an official press release from Nike, actually, which came with great photos for the U.S., Russian, Canadian and Czech jerseys. But haven't seen one yet for Slovakia. (UPDATE (11/6): I spoke a few hours too soon. Here it is!) That brings us to Sweden.

Sweden is all kinds of rebellious about Olympic jerseys

Photo from Tre Kronor (via Facebook)On Oct. 25, Tre Kronor — the Swedish men's ice hockey team — shared this photo (right) of their country's new Olympic jersey on their Facebook page.

But like Slovakia, the unveiling didn't accompany any official word from Nike (that I could track down). So there's still a blue jersey out there that we haven't seen yet.

The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet also revealed additional photos which they called "exclusive." (Scroll down to see those.)

The photos give us a better look at the detail on the shoulders — which includes a glossy version of the ship seen in the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation's official logo.

But here's the really interesting thing about them. The Aftonbladet article quoted federation's marketing manager, Tomas Bjernudd, as saying they had to fight Nike over proposed sweeping design changes.

Apparently, there was pressure from Nike to change a lot. Bjernudd didn't get into specific details, but said they had to stand their ground as far as keeping the classic three crowns on the front of the jersey.

Could you imagine what they'd be wearing if this guy didn't get in Nike's way? Good for him and the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation.

Photos from Aftonbladet

Though it hasn't been unveiled yet, I have to assume the blue one is exactly the same as this with the yellow swapped for blue and vice versa.

So what do you think of these jerseys? We've now seen jerseys for the U.S., Russia, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden. That leaves Finland, Slovenia, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and Latvia as the other countries participating in the 2014 Olympics.

Columbus Hosting All-Stars in 2015

City was set to have game in 2013 before lockout

As expected, the city of Columbus will get a second chance at hosting the NHL All-Star Game in 2015. The announcement was made tonight by the NHL, who also released an updated event's logo.

Ohio's capital was originally scheduled to host the game in 2013, but when the season was shortened by the lockout, the All-Star Game was one of the annual league events to get the ax — along with the Winter Classic which was rescheduled for this season. 

There will be no All-Star Game in 2014 to accommodate the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Who should be the next two hosts?

Not much more to say on this, so let's look ahead. Who do you think should host in 2016? And more important, how about 2017 during the NHL 100th anniversary season? Montreal had it in 2009 and Ottawa in 2012. The only other original NHL city is Toronto and they last hosted in 2000.

Where Are All the Stadium Jerseys?

There are still nine sweaters we haven't seen yet

The question I'm asked most these days is the title of this post. Where are all the NHL Stadium Series jerseys? Why haven't any of them been unveiled — or leaked — yet? 

Now that all of this year's new third jerseys are out, I thought I'd address it. The short answer is, I don't know. But I'm happy to engage in a little educated speculation if it gives us something to talk about.

To begin, really the only concrete thing we've heard on this subject was back in June when Islanders GM Garth Snow mentioned it briefly. He said his team had something special in development and that every Stadium Series participant does as well.

With seven clubs taking part in the series, it's a great opportunity for the NHL to add a whole mess of new merchandise to the mix. But when do they make the designs public? As someone who makes a living in marketing, that's probably the best way for me to approach this. Hence the educated speculation.

Make the new stuff available by Black Friday

Depending upon how long the new designs have been in the works, the smartest option — in my opinion — would be to get everything on store shelves by the biggest shopping day of the year — Black Friday. (This year, that's Nov. 29.) These jerseys would probably make great Christmas gifts. And the timing would be great since the first Stadium Series game takes place exactly a month after Christmas.

But that begs the question, when do you reveal the designs to fans? The week of Thanksgiving (only talking U.S. since Canada's not involved in the Stadium Series) is tricky because people are out of their normal routines and may miss the announcement. Not ideal for maximizing exposure.

The week before might be good, though. So should the teams hold individual unveilings or should the NHL knock out all seven in one fell swoop? (I'm assuming the Rangers get only one jersey despite playing in two separate stadium games.) All at once would be more efficient but you're probably only buying the jersey if you're a fan of the team. So maybe it's better left to the individual clubs.

But there's a problem. If you introduce a sweater in November and tell people it won't be used for two months or more, it's possible they could simply lose interest. So what's another option?

Hold off on any unveilings until Winter Classic

Another plan could be to wait and get the new sweaters in front of more eyeballs across the U.S. and Canada. Forget about Christmas. Wait a week and unveil them all in Ann Arbor during one of the intermissions of the 2014 Winter Classic. Put them in stores the next day.

There's still plenty of time until the first of the four games, which takes place in L.A. on Jan. 25. And let's not forget about the Heritage Classic. There's two more jerseys right there — but they're Canadian so NBC won't care about that. Still, with the Leafs in the Winter Classic, Canadians will surely be watching.

This idea may be kind of a bummer for jersey geeks like us because it means waiting longer, but it has a lot of merit from a marketing standpoint. It could certainly play into the excitement of the first outdoor game of the season.

What's your theory?

Those are my two theories and, of course, they could both be completely wrong. What's your take?

By the way, my Flames third jersey review is still to come. Just wanted to get this out of the way first.

Flames Unveil New Third Jersey

Photo from Calgary Flames

Calgary's alternate sweater officially launches

On Sunday afternoon, the Calgary Flames officially unveiled their new red third jersey to fans at Flames Fest. There weren't many surprises since the sweater was mistakenly leaked a few weeks ago by EA's NHL 14 video game. But notice I didn't say "no surprises."

Take a good look at the shoulder yoke. It's difficult to tell in some of these photos, but that's not a straight line that runs from the collar to the shoulder. It dips down forming a sort of triangle. The photo below gives us a slightly better look at what I mean.

Photo from Calgary Flames

The first thing that comes to mind is the old Colorado Avalanche jerseys mean to resemble mountain peaks. And to think Reebok said it couldn't be done with the Edge style. Perhaps this means the Avs can soon be fixed? But this post is about the Flames. So let's continue.

One feature that caught my eye was the new number style. Definitely unique in the NHL.

Photo from Calgary Flames

For one thing, the 5 looks like an upside down 2. It's not, but it looks that way on first glance. That might take fans a little getting used to. But I'll get more into those details in my full review this week. I just wanted to take this time to get some photos up and point out a couple of interesting items.

Speaking of interesting, the Flames also released a video that talked about the development of the jersey and some of what was considered during the design process. Included in the video is a shot of an idea board that shows a lot of unused concepts. I know we love seeing that sort of thing.

Video still from Calgary Flames

You can see some alternate versions of the shoulder patch — which make it more clear the yellow patches were meant to symbolize Alberta's wheat fields, apparently. I had been wondering about that. There were also a lot of cowboy-themed logos under consideration at some point. The bladed boot stuck out to me as a very retro style logo. Any of them pop out to you guys?

While you consider that, I'll leave you with a photo from today's event that features just about every sweater from Calgary Flames history.

Photo from Calgary Flames

Extra points if you can name what's missing — without going to! Again, I plan to post my full review of Calgary's new third jersey this week. Meantime, share your reaction!

Glimpses of a New Calgary Sweater

New logo found through Canada's trademark office

I know I've been ignoring the blog a bit lately, but I'm pretty excited about the new Jersey Galleries I've been putting together. Time now, though, to get caught up on some Flames news.

The Calgary Flames will officially unveil their new third jersey on Sunday afternoon at Flames Fest. Earlier this month, of course, it leaked. Then last week, the Flames revealed a sneak peek in-arena video. But the fun continues.

Up top you can see the new third jersey shoulder patch design in all its detailed glory — rather than just the video game rendering from before. This is possible thanks to the diligence of a blog called SportsDocuments. Writer James Gordon tracked down the new mark via the Canadian Intellectual Property Office website.

In fairness, the logo depicted there is actually black and white, like this.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

All I did was fill in the colors based on what we saw in the NHL 14 leak. I can't link you directly to the filing, but if you search Calgary Flames, you should be able to find it. Gordon also pointed out that no other new logos — including the jersey's crest — could be located via the CIPO website at this time. I found that to be the case as well.

It's an interesting mark. Like I've said before, it's like nothing the Flames have used before. Could it be a sign of a new creative direction for the team? Or a simple one-off for a special uniform?

Flames still determined to offer sneak peeks

The jersey has leaked and the Flames themselves have shown a lot of bits already by way of that in-arena video. But regardless, they are continuing to share little "sneak peek" photos via Twitter. They've shown four in the last two days and, presumably, there are more to come before Sunday.

Here's a graphic that shows everything they've tweeted so far.

Calgary Flames (via Twitter)

The first, showing the sleeve or waist stripe or shoulder yoke where the black and red meet, came down Wednesday afternoon. Later that evening came the close-up of the waist with the thin yellow stripe. All stuff we've seen before.

Thursday morning brought a better look at the nameplate — specifically the one on the jersey of Curtis Glencross. Later in the afternoon came another angle, but this time on Mark Giordano's. (UPDATE: As a reader pointed out, this is probably all Glencross. Don't know why I keep assuming Giordano.) And that's where we stand at the time of this writing.

I'll update this post as the Flames release new images. But the main event will be Sunday when the whole thing should be revealed — and then added to the NHL 2013-14 Jersey Gallery. See how we came full circle?

Got any thoughts on the new details we've seen here? Has your gut reaction to the leak changed at all?

Loose Threads: Outdoors & More

Flames to unveil third jersey at Flames Fest

Got a handful of items today, so I'm condensing them into this post.

First, the Calgary Flames sent an email to season ticket holders last night, inviting them to the first ever Flames Fest on Oct. 27. And getting a starring role at the event will be the unveiling of the team's new third jersey. (In fact, it's mentioned four times in the email!)

Specifically, the jersey will be officially unveiled at 1:30 PM MT (or 12:30 PT, 3:30 ET). Of course, if you can't wait, there's always that leak from a couple weeks ago.

Thanks to Ryan C. for sharing the email.

Ducks to wear fifth jersey to Stadium Series game

In a previous post, I wondered aloud whether the Anaheim Ducks would simply wear the eggplant throwback again in January for their Stadium Series game against the Kings. We now have definitive word that they will not.

According to tweets to fans from Adam Brady, the Ducks' Director of Publications and New Media, the team will have a completely different uniform for the Jan. 25 game — making it the fifth jersey the Ducks will wear this season on top of their home, road, third and last weekend's throwback.

Thanks to Matt Baldock for pointing me to this tweet.

There are also rumors — which may have started with an employee of the team store — saying that the Stadium Series jersey will be primarily orange and feature a version of the throwback Mighty Ducks logo. Probably not unlike what's currently used on the shoulder patch of the third jersey.

I can't imagine we'll have to wait too much longer to start seeing Stadium Series jerseys. Perhaps closer to late November? All seven teams are expected to have them, including the Ducks, Kings, Rangers, Islanders, Devils, Penguins and Blackhawks. (We're also waiting on the Canucks' and Senators' Heritage Classic sweaters.)

Do Lundqvist's Stadium Series pads preview jersey?

Henrik Lundqvist BlogSpeaking of the NHL Stadium Series, the New York Rangers will actually play two outdoor games this winter — but I'm only expecting one jersey from them. And Rangers fans may have gotten a sneak

Icethetics reader John F. sent in this photo (right) via Facebook. The photo appears to have been first posted almost a week ago by The Henrik Lundqvist Blog.

Unfortunately, while the writer said the photo was found on Twitter, no source link was provided.

There was also no information about the context of what we're seeing. Where/when was the photo taken? We don't know. Maybe someone reading can help out there and offer a little background.

On the table there's a card that reads:

Henrik Lundqvist
New York Rangers

Stadium Series
Yankee Stadium - January 26, 2014

So it's definitely a recent shot.

All that said, what's interesting about these pads is the striping pattern. While it definitely screams Rangers, it's not like anything they've worn recently.

I can't tell if it's the lighting, but the pads appear to be an off-white color. Vintage white. My favorite. But the heavy use of the Rangers' shield logo suggests we might see used it on a jersey for the first time ever. (The shield was different in 1978 and the 2012 Winter Classic.)

If nothing else, this might be good for another concept artist challenge. Who wants to create a jersey based on Lundqvist's pads?

Bruins throw back to 1940s with Milt Schmidt

Finally, here's one that slipped under the radar a bit. The Boston Bruins paid tribute to Milt Schmidt and the 1940s team on Monday afternoon as part of their 90th anniversary celebrations.

Photos from Boston Bruins

The 95-year-old ex-Bruin stepped onto the ice for the ceremonial puck drop sporting a replica of the sweater he wore way back in the mid-1940s — with the 90th anniversary patch stitched on. (Two minutes for tucking it in, though.)

The scoreboard was also decked out in the 1940s "B" logo, as seen in this photo tweeted by @KyleClauss

Seeing Schmidt in that sweater led some to wonder whether the Bruins would make a good opponent for the Capitals at the 2015 Winter Classic. (Yes, I know they've taken part before.) If so, this would be a great jersey to go up against the Caps' classic red look. What do you think?

Flames Preview New Sweater

Arena teaser video reveals Oct. 27 launch date

We got our first look at the new Calgary Flames third jersey more than a week ago by way of that accidental NHL 14 leak. The team officially acknowledged the upcoming uniform for the first time last Friday with a teaser video played for fans at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

You may note that the team first promoted its new jersey while playing New Jersey. I'm sure there's a pun to be made if it hasn't already.

But the point of this blog post is to show you that video. While I haven't seen it on the Flames' website, Icethetics reader and occasional concept artist Caleb Fuller managed to capture the video from the scoreboard on his phone.

Take a look and then we'll break it down frame by frame.

It's short as most of these teaser videos are, but it gives us enough to prove the NHL 14 leak accurate. 

From video by Caleb Fuller

The first shot we see is the black flaming C on a red background. We know from the leak they're cleverly framing out the new script that adorns the crest. Next is a close-up of the collar. It's a new style from Reebok which actually features a different color behind the laces.

From video by Caleb Fuller

Then it's a sneak peek at the new number and letter styles. Looks like sleeve numbers on the left — probably Curtis Glencross' No. 20 — and a name bar on the right. That appears to be a G with an I next to it. Probably looking at the jersey of new captain Mark Giordano there.

From video by Caleb Fuller

Up next is the new striping pattern along the waist. It's not like anything we've seen from Calgary before, but it definitely falls in line with the leak. But then something that doesn't. On first glance, it looks like a close-up of the new shoulder patch. But look again.

On the shoulder shoulder patch in the leak, one of the mountains in the middle is formed by a stylized F. There's no F here. But the way the material curves suggests to me this could be Reebok's infamous "hanger effect." This design may be on the inside of the collar, borrowed from the new shoulder patch. But that's just a guess.

From video by Caleb Fuller

Apparently, we'll find out for sure on Sun., Oct. 27. The final frame of the teaser video shows us the date, which is presumably when the new sweater will launch. But the Flames don't have a game that night. In fact, their next game after that date is Wed., Oct. 30. Will we see it on the ice the first time then?

We'll likely get more information over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

The Mighty Ducks Still Shine

Photo from Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim looked fantastic on Throwback Night

I still puzzle over this one. Why did the NHL have to lose one of its coolest brands? And make no mistake, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim were definitely among the best. And don't give me a lame business or marketing excuse. This uniform should still be making regular appearances every night.

Sunday night was a special one in Ducks history. Not only did they pay homage to their inaugural team with the most crowded ceremonial puck drop ever, but they did it in style by breaking out the old eggplant and jade jerseys no one can forget.

Photos from Anaheim Ducks

Twenty years on, those uniforms still look great. Is the crest a little cartoony? Maybe, but it's a classic. Are the colors a little unusual? Of course, but that's what gave this team its identity! Anyone who doesn't love these jerseys doesn't love hockey uniforms for the right reasons.

Photos from Anaheim Ducks

One of my favorite rules of good sweater design is whether the team is still recognizable without the crest. This one absolutely is! The current Ducks jerseys are as well, for the most part, but for the wrong reasons. All three California teams wear black and, for one of the sunnier states in the union, that's sad.

Look at this. Is there any question this is a California team? Can't say that about the black and gold.

Photo provided by Paul Gheduzzi

Icethetics reader Paul Gheduzzi was at the game Sunday night and snapped a few pictures during warm-ups. I particularly like seeing the original Mighty Ducks third jersey from 1996 in the crowd above. Still have one of those hanging in my closet.

Photo provided by Paul Gheduzzi

One of my favorite aspects of Ducks' Throwback Night was how even the TV side got involved! Throughout the game, Prime Ticket used classic-colored graphics and the Mighty Ducks logo and even mixed in a few old-style Chyron overlays.

Stills from Prime Ticket (via NHL GameCenter Live)

I enjoyed the use of the original Ottawa Senators logo too. Some Icethetics readers wondered if the Sens had planned to surprise us with an early '90s throwback of their own. But this was Anaheim's night, so it wouldn't have made much sense.

It was a pretty spectacular night all around for jersey geeks and Mighty Ducks fans. So the next question we have to ask... will they do it again?

The Ducks haven't announced plans for any other throwback nights this season, but given how popular this one was (on Twitter at least; I wasn't at the Honda Center), I could see them scheduling one more later in the year.

Could Ducks go Mighty again for outdoor game?

Let's not forget that the Ducks will play an outdoor game on Jan. 25, 2014. They will meet the Los Angeles Kings at Dodger Stadium as part of the NHL's new Stadium Series. (All five teams involved are expected to have special sweaters for the games.)

But before you point out that teams wear white on the road (and the Ducks would be considered the road team for this game), understand that none of the standard rules really apply when we talk about these outdoor "event" games.

The Sabres wore white when they hosted the first ever Winter Classic in 2008. In this season's Winter Classic, neither team will wear white. Plus, if the Ducks and Kings wear throwbacks, they'd be "throwing back" to a time before 2003 when teams did wear white at home.

I point this out not because I don't want to see a white version of the Mighty Ducks jersey again, but because it would make more economic sense for Reebok to produce just one throwback jersey for the Ducks in a single season rather than two. This is an outdoor game, but it's one of four so it won't be as big a deal as the actual Winter Classic. (In other words, I'm tempering expectations.)

So that's my take. What's yours? And what did you think of seeing the Mighty Ducks on the ice again after seven years? Would you want to see more or less of them in the future?

Anaheim Preps Throwback Night

Photo from Anaheim Ducks

Mighty Ducks jerseys will see action again this Sunday

It's been seven years since we last saw them take the ice. But in just two days, the Anaheim Ducks will revive the Mighty Ducks for one game this weekend. On Sunday, the Ducks will host Throwback Night against the Ottawa Senators.

Photo from Brad Kirchhofer

Last month, Ducks season ticket holder Brad Kirchhofer sent in this photo of the game ticket, which features the classic Mighty Ducks logo. He also pointed out a couple of other ways the throwback logo was being used as part of the team's 20th anniversary promotions.

Photos from Anaheim Ducks

This week, the old eggplant and jade starting showing up at Ducks practices so players could break in their new gear before Sunday. We got a glimpse and gloves and pants on Tuesday and Wednesday. (There are plenty more photos at those two links if you're interested.)

It's my understanding, however, that the team will be wear Reebok Edge versions of the old Mighty Ducks jerseys, meaning we should see an updated collar and cut. But otherwise, it should be the spitting image of the old eggplant jersey.

Photos from Anaheim Ducks

The goalies got to test out their new equipment as well. The shots on the left and center are Viktor Fasth, who modeled his mask after Guy Hebert's. On the right, you can see Jonas Hiller in his throwback pads. The Ducks tweeted a photo of Hiller in his mask earlier today.

If all this has you feeling nostalgic, I dug up some photos of current Ducks players in the classic threads.

That's Francois Beauchemin, Corey Perry — as No. 61! — and Teemu Selanne as No. 13. Think of this as a sneak peek of what's to come on Sunday — only pre-Edge. Hopefully it won't look too much different.

Lastly, for non-Ducks fans, how about a look at a few familiar faces who you perhaps didn't know — or forgot — once donned the eggplant and jade?

That's Joffrey Lupul, Chris Kunitz and Sergei Fedorov. Truth be told, before I found that photo, I didn't know Lupul had played for Anaheim. But he did for a couple seasons a decade ago.

So who's excited for Sunday?!

Canada's Olympic Jerseys Unveiled

All photos from Nike

Official photos reveal differences from leaks

Canada's 2014 Olympic jerseys leaked not once but twice this summer. First, Jonathan Toews was caught modeling it in a photo shoot, then another photo popped up showing all three sweaters in a retail setting. So the official unveiling today from Nike was just a formality, right? Not exactly.

What we couldn't tell from those early photos is that the large chest and sleeve stripes don't extend all the way around the jersey. They stop at the player's side. There's a practical reason for this. A completely different (and more breathable) material makes up the side panels of the jerseys.

Another difference seems to be between the retail and game-worn versions of the jersey. In the retail store shot posted two weeks ago, 12 gold maple leaves are visible on the front, toward the bottom. (They represent the combined gold medals won by the Olympic and Paralympic teams, according to Nike.)

On the game version, the gold leaves are on the inside of the collar. Look closely and you'll notice that telltale faux lace-up collar protruding through. Not quite Reebok's "hanger effect" fad, but it does have something in common with the American jerseys now.

Another new detail is the shoulder applique. It's a maple leaf within a maple leaf pointing out of the collar. So far, only the Czech Republic has escaped this feature — what many here would likely call a scourge. Under those bright TV lights, it'll probably be more noticeable than you'd expect. We'll find out in February.

At this point, I'm counting 19 individual maple leaves on this jersey. Maybe going a bit overboard, Nike? In any case, these are the sleeve features. On the left is the Canadian flag — which we've seen before, and on the right are the Olympic rings — which we haven't.

Finally, there's the black jersey. This won't be the first time Canada has worn black, but all the gold makes it a bit odd. According to Nike's press release, it's there to "remind the world of Canada’s goal to win gold medals in Sochi." Everyone needs a reason for existing.

Many of you have probably said your peace on the previous leak posts, but if you have anything else to add, now's the time to do it. Do these slick photos from Nike make you like the new jerseys any better? To those who hadn't made up their mind today, what do you like/dislike most about the new designs?