Isles Counting Down To Third Jersey

As of yesterday, we now know all of the third jersey launch dates. But it's still nice to get confirmations from the individual teams — and to know that they're as excited about all of this as we are.

Having said that, the New York Islanders' official web site now features a countdown at the top of the page. What's it counting down to? You guessed it.

That countdown appears to confirm November 1 as the big day. The bigger geeks among you will be able to pinpoint down the second, the time at which I made that screenshot above.

Anyway, I'm told the Isles are marketing the game as "Throwback Night" and they'll be facing the Montreal Canadiens. Shocker.

Thanks to Lucas for the tip!

Hey by the way, if you're still on the Islanders' web site, there's a cool feature you should check out about the guy who's in charge of getting the ice done at the Nassau Coliseum.