Leafs Go With Third For Opener

The Toronto Maple Leafs began their season on a high note, defeating the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings tonight. And they did so wearing their new third jersey — unveiled earlier this week.

That makes the Leafs the first team to wear a third jersey in the Rbk EDGE era. Hooray for them. Pics ensue!

credit: Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

First up, Niklas Hagman in action in his new alternate uniform.

credit: Michael Sackett / US PRESSWIRE

That would be Mike Van Ryn above. And below, I have to say, I did not recognize Pavel Kubina in that No. 77 sweater.

credit: Michael Sackett / US PRESSWIRE

Kubina was No. 13 forever when he played for the Lightning but I believe opted for for No. 31 when first joining the Leafs.

Whatever, not the point. The point is, the first third jersey has hit the ice. A momentous night!