IceHL: Pacific Preview

The IceHL project is really starting to get interesting. Last night I accepted the final logo for submission for the Pacific Division. I'm very impressed with some of what I've seen. In all, 42 eligible logo sets were submitted. Today I'm going to give you a sneak peek at all of them.

Below are the primary logos from each set. When the ratings begin, you will see the entire set of logos in full detail along with the artist's credit.

ALASKA HUSKIES (12 eligible logos)

CALIFORNIA WAVE (9 eligible logos)

PORTLAND PIONEERS (6 eligible logos)

SEATTLE AVIATORS (10 eligible logos)

VANCOUVER LUMBERJACKS (5 eligible logos)

Obviously the Huskies were the most popular team to design a logo for. I'm not sure if that's because of its name or because it was first on the list. The Lumberjacks got the fewest entries. But overall, I feel each team has at least one or more very strong potential logos.

Starting this weekend, there will be a week long rating period — just like the name ratings — followed by a week long poll of the top 3 rated logos. This way we can make sure the logo you guys really want gets used.

If you do not see your logo here, one of two things happened. Either your submission was ineligible based on one or more of the reasons I outlined when I began taking submissions — or your email failed to get to me. I will entertain questions via email. Questions in the comments area will be ignored.