Watch The Canucks' Cryptic Video

Remember that cryptic Vancouver Canucks video I mentioned last week? Now the team has posted it on their web site. It indicates Saturday as a special date for... something.

You can also watch it right here on Icethetics and it's just as cryptic as ever.

It says, "Who else suffered rejection for an NHL franchise but never quit? Who else turned a symbol of surrender into a passionate tradition copied all across sports? Who else survived the insults of the Flying 'V', the plate of spaghetti, and the skate going down? Find out October 25th at General Motors Place."

The thing that flashes up for a few frames at the end is a 7.

We're not quite sure what it means exactly, but some have suggested it's the planned unveiling of the new third jersey — which Icethetics leaked. So what do you think the 7 means and what do you think the video means?

Comment with your conspiracy theories.