Sweaters In NHL 09

Got a few emails today about a new promotional video EA Sports has released for NHL 09.

Evidently, there's some question as to whether a green jersey seen in the video is a leak. You can see the screenshot below but to me it looks like a regular Minnesota North Stars sweater.

Now I personally have never played any of these video games so correct me if I'm wrong, but do they not often include vintage uniforms for use in the game?

My assumption is that this is merely a "vintage alternate" available for the Dallas Stars in the game. Let me know if I don't have this right because I don't want to be misleading people. Just hoped I could clear up some confusion.

In any event, for what it's worth we actually got our first look at the new Rbk EDGE jerseys as a whole last year via an NHL 08 leak. I'm guessing it's possible the same thing could happen with third jerseys this year. We'll just wait and see. And if you guys find anything, feel free to email me and I'll spread the word.