Want To See Philly's New Third?

An interesting photo turned up in my inbox this afternoon. It shows Daniel Briere's new third jersey hanging up in the locker room.

The Flyers haven't made anything official yet, but rumors have been floating around since March.

For what it's worth, my opinion on this photo is that it's legitimate or a Photoshop job too well done to be an amateur — though folks here do love their Photoshop. But seriously, I think it's an actual photo of a jersey. It doesn't differ much from the cell phone photos that surfaced several months ago. Here's another look at them.

The main difference appears to be the nameplate. On the March leak, it appears the orange jersey has a white nameplate with orange lettering. Here, it's switched to a matching nameplate.

Other than that, they look the same to me. So it appears we've gotten our first real look at what the Flyers will wear as an alternate jersey this season. Hope you guys like it.

UPDATE (7/21 2:25 AM): So it's definitely a photo of a jersey, it's just a vintage replica being sold on ebay. Kudos to Hockey Week for the find. I think we should probably expect to see something more like what's in the two cell phone pictures. As always, I'll try my best to keep you updated.