Wallpaper Wednesday VII

We're beginning with one of the most popular teams on this blog for today's post. Canucks fans, enjoy this Roberto Luongo wallpaper.

For Lightning fans like myself, there's Vinny Lecavalier...

...or a more generic team wallpaper.

And at last, Canadiens fans have been begging for it... a Habs wallpaper!

Plus we've got one more for Saku Koivu.

Hope you guys enjoy this week's crop. And to anyone who has sent in a wallpaper but hasn't seen it posted, not to worry. It doesn't mean I'll never post it. I'm saving a bunch by posting about five a week so as to ensure I won't run out too quickly and have to switch to a biweekly schedule like the Freak Out Friday series.

More to come next week!