Monday Morning Variety

I have a bunch of things to mention this morning so I figured I'd condense it all into one post this morning.

The Atlanta Thrashers never unveiled their new third jersey or anything of that nature at their event over the weekend. An email that went out to fans said they'd get to see "a new look" but I guess that could mean anything. There are new players, new coaches and the new Blue Crew. Take your pick.

Greg at Puck Daddy came across a fascinating uniform-related bit of information regarding a women's team that played in 1916.

They were called the Edmonton Swastikas. The post is definitely worth a read.

I've added some new features to the blog over the last few days. Our Rebranding The NHL series now has its own sidebar element. Currently you can vote on the secondary color Matt will use for his Blues logos.

There's a Shoutouts section where I thank the folks who've been kind enough to mention Icethetics elsewhere. There's a new Tag Cloud, with my thanks to Frivmo. And by now you've noticed the Design Opportunities section has yet to be filled in. I'm still working on that one.

That does it for now. Later in the day I've got polls coming plus lots of concept art based off of yesterday's third jersey rumors. 1:13 PM: Check that. I had to take my computer in for repairs today so we'll have to hold off on the jersey art until tomorrow. The polls will be up, no problem.)