THN Releases Logo Rankings

The Hockey News, as they've done every year since I can remember, has released their logo rankings. The Blackhawks are No. 1 on their list — far from that on mine.

Below are their Top 10.

Pretty much what you'd expect. Here are the Bottom 5.

I'm a little surprised to see the Hurricanes down there. Not at all surprised to see the Ducks last. Shame about my Lightning, but what THN says is true. They just can't find a font that works.

I highly recommend checking out their full ranking complete with rationale and everything. (You'll understand my joke once you've read that.)

Now that's not all THN has going. Yesterday they launched a new web feature that I can't decide whether I should be miffed or flattered by. They announced their Logo Rankings & Tournament. This is a lot like any one of our logo tournaments where we pit logo against logo and you vote for the best.

Theirs is on a larger scale. They're holding a tournament of the 40 best logos from 16 different leagues. A great idea, but not an original one. Still, I think you guys should all go vote in their logo competition and see how it all turns out. I'll still continue doing the same thing here.

I'm curious to know what you guys think of this. Read up on what The Hockey News has going and then drop me a line by email or comment.