IHA Atlantic Final Logos

Almost four weeks ago we began Project: IHA and as we continue unveiling teams and logo finalists, we're now beginning the process of revealing the final logos for each team. Thanks go out to all of the amazing designers who had a hand in this.

Below are the final logos for the Atlantic Division. Each team has a primary logo as selected by the voters at Icethetics and a secondary logo from the artist's original set. I'm not posting wordmarks because not all of the winning logo sets included wordmarks.

Atlanta Fire
Designer: Ross

New York Americans
Designer: Sigma Kappa

Philadelphia Titans
Designer: Andrew

Pittsburgh Miners
Designer: Andrew

Washington Stars

Just to clarify once again, your votes determined the primary logos. The secondary logos are basically the other logo from the designer's set. The only exception being the Stars as these logos were submitted singularly. In other words, I made an executive decision on the secondary logo based on comments written on the poll post.

Congratulations to all the designers! These logos will be submitted for use in the IHA online fantasy league. If any of you would like your credit changed, let me know.

By the way, as a special bonus I have a couple of late submissions for the Titans and Stars that couldn't be included in voting. Wanted to share them with you.

If you guys have any questions, email me or ask in the comments. I'll be happy to answer.