Make Your Own Jerseys

A reader named Mike recently brought to my attention a cool service that I'm sure would be of interest to the rest of you here at Icethetics. A company named Athletic Knit, which specializes in custom sports jerseys, has a special feature on their web site that allows you build your own custom jerseys. For those of you lacking the more creative Photoshop abilities but wanting to express your ideas for concept jerseys, this could serve as quite a useful tool.

Click here to visit their web site and see the graphic below for where to access the Online Customizer feature.

So naturally, using this feature, Mike tried his hand at all 30 NHL clubs and came up with his own concept third jerseys. I've split them into two sets for your viewing pleasure.

Very unique look for Anaheim. Everything else looks pretty tame. (Maybe Detroit and St. Louis are a little funky.)

Colorado and Washington. I'm just shaking my head. Got some odd striping for Columbus. Odd colors for that particular Vancouver logo. But I'm a fan of Tampa Bay so I can rest easy.

And because lately we can't seem to get enough of the Dallas Stars, here's a concept design that was sent in recently.

There are sweaters to go with these logos as well.

Interesting take on the Texas team.

Now feel free to spend the rest of your weekend at Athletic Knit cluttering up my inbox.

By the way, logo finalists for the IHA Northeast coming tomorrow. And boy, is it a doozy (I mean that both good and bad). You'll be stunned by what folks came up with for the Rouge, Capitals and especially Glacier. The Bears and Royals, not so much. Mainly the Royals. If anybody feels like cracking out an awesome logo for that team tonight, I'd be eternally grateful.