No Third For Wild — This Year

Michael Russo, beat writer for the Star-Tribune, says the Minnesota Wild will not have a third jersey this season. In his blog Russo's Rants he wrote the following about two weeks ago.

I’ve gotten a number of emails this summer regarding when the Wild will unveil its third jersey. The Wild is not having a third jersey this season but is exploring one for 2009-10.

That came just two days after team owner Craig Leipold pretty much said the same thing. So for anyone still wondering, there's no way to make it clearer than this — the Minnesota Wild will NOT have a third jersey this season.

I, for one, hope to see a return to the green jerseys if they move forward with this next year. What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to use a throwback jersey — yes, going back all of three years. Still, the Wild have never disappointed me with a jersey design.