Live Chat Time Change

All right guys, I'm going to give the Live Chat another chance today. I've changed the time to 12:30 PM EDT.

According to the Blues' official web site, the third jersey unveiling will take place at 1 PM (noon, locally). It will not be streamed online like the Sabres and Hurricanes events were. However, they say there will be pictures posted on the site as soon as the jersey is unveiled. And I figured if we get things started at 12:30 it'll give me time to take some of the questions and comments I was unable to get to yesterday.

So, a lot is going on this weekend. I'm working on getting the next step of the fantasy league set up. In the meantime, I updated the Sabres' third jersey unveiling post from yesterday. I just added new pictures from the team's web site and the wires. Much better quality than the screen grabs from the live stream that I was using.

I kept an eye on some of the other fan events that were going on around the league as well. The Coyotes, Senators and Blackhawks all still have their new third jerseys under wraps. Nothing was unveiled or on display at these events — that I know of. If I missed something, please let me know.

I'll add the Live Chat window at about 12:15 PM EDT.