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Kings officially unveil 2015 Stadium Series uniform!


Kings officially unveil 2015 Stadium Series uniform!

After four decades on the scrap heap, white hockey pants are staging a comeback in SoCal!

Tonight, the Los Angeles Kings revealed their new 2015 NHL Stadium Series uniform to the world at the opening of the new Team LA Store at Staples Center.

While the team was in St. Louis losing to the Blues, club president Luc Robitaille unveiled the jersey back home — proving the rumors true.

Weirdly, the most remarkable element of the uniform is not the sweater, but rather those white pants. That travesty hasn't seen action on NHL ice since the Washington Capitals fixed their mistake during their inaugural season in 1974.

At the unveiling, Robitaille was quick to point out that the players OK'd the white pants. Well, now they actually have to wear them.

As much as I'm giving the Kings a hard time, I actually really like the look for a single use. That last part is critical. I wouldn't want to see any team try it full time, but for a special event, what the heck. Go nuts.

Another neat aspect of the uniform pointed out by Robitaille are the two crowns on the left side of the collar. They represent the Kings' Stanley Cup championships in 2012 and 2014.

Now let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture. As with last year's Stadium Series, the teams involved are using the same jersey template — but with their own colors.

For better or worse, the game gets a cohesive look.

After the unveiling of the Sharks' jersey last week, I said my peace about the collar. I don't like it. I'm also not sure I'm a fan of the giant sleeve numbers.

It's jarring at first glance. Hockey jerseys aren't supposed to look like that. Or so tradition would tell us. It could grow on me in time, but for now I feel like any potential usefulness it creates for a 70,000-seat stadium is outweighed by the aesthetic atrocity that's being committed.

Time will tell, I suppose.

Photo from @teamlastore

The Capitals wore white pants briefly in the 1974-75 season.

So there are our 2015 NHL Stadium Series jerseys. What do you think?


Sharks officially unveil 2015 Stadium Series uniform!


Sharks officially unveil 2015 Stadium Series uniform!

One week after we got a sneak peek at the 2015 NHL Stadium Series uniforms, the San Jose Sharks have made their new jersey official!

The new look was unveiled on the Sharks' website this morning. It showcases a handful of new features for a Reebok Edge jersey — including a flat collar design, "carbon fiber" crest, and giant sleeve numbers.

A new "Northern California" shoulder patch has been introduced to the Sharks' branding lexicon and a new hanger effect treatment in the collar uses the team's marketing slogan, "This Is Sharks Territory."

But the most attention-grabbing element of the design is the half-and-half color scheme, teal on top, black on bottom and a white stripe across the middle — not unlike the classic Canadiens' jersey feature.

A look at the full uniform in this rendering from the team shows a simplified version of the "SJ" ligature on the left leg of the pants.

We can also see the white and black areas on the front of the sweater do not continue around to the back. This is to make sure the numbers are easier to read from long distance.

In fact, the Sharks' press release explains in detail many of the new features of this uniform. Reebok designers worked under the motto, “If you can’t see it from 200 yards away, does it need to be there?” — hence the oversized numbers.

The numbers on the back were increased from 11.5 to 13 inches in height while the sleeve numbers jumped from 4 to 7 inches. Fans seated far from the ice at Levi's Stadium will surely notice and appreciate the difference.

Also from the release:

The collar construction was designed to be to be more streamlined and robust, integrating it into the construction of the jersey more seamlessly. It now lays flatter, and cleaner against the shoulders and neck area.

The problem I have with this is its similarity to Nike's hockey jerseys. Personally I like to see some definition in the collar. This flat collar just looks incomplete.

The crest, although not enlarged, has been executed in lighter weight materials and features a carbon fiber finish for greater visual impact.

Basically, Reebok heard the backlash against the awful-looking Photoshop-enhanced flat, printed chrome crests and decided they should do it all over again — only worse. 

Honestly, are the embroidered logo crests really doing that much to impede the greatest athletes on the planet? As long as it's just for a single game, I'm fine with it. But I'm worried about the trend.

Appearing on the shoulder is a new mark that was created to pay tribute to the Sharks' devoted fans in Northern California. The mark incorporates the state of California, with a star on San Jose, marking the exact home of the team. Placed at the bottom of the mark is the iconic dorsal shark fin, which has been borrowed from the SJ ligature the team currently uses.

This logo is a great way for the team to lay claim to a larger geographical region and I'm sure we'll see more of it in the years to come. It's a solid design and makes more use of the orange in the Sharks' palette — though I know many Sharks fans would rather it disappeared entirely.

By the way, we now know Marc-Edouard Vlasic was the guy posing in the photo I shared last week

The Kings are scheduled to unveil their Stadium Series jersey on Tuesday. Expecting the same basic template with Kings colors and logos.

Overall, I'd call this an acceptable jersey for one-time use. What about you?

Photo from San Jose Sharks


Photo: New Sharks jersey spotted at stadium


Photo: New Sharks jersey spotted at stadium

Photo by Graeme Logie

On Friday we got our first look at renderings of the jerseys slated for the 2015 NHL Stadium Series game taking place in California on Feb. 21.

Today, I'm now able to share with you the photo on which the San Jose Sharks rendering was based.

This shot was taken by Graeme Logie on Nov. 21 at Levi's Stadium — the site of the outdoor game. He's generously provided the image to Icethetics to give us a sneak peek at what's coming. 

It depicts what seems to be a photo shoot with a player wearing the new jersey out on the field.

The lack of detail is a result of the photo being taken from a long distance by a basic point-and-shoot digital camera. It has been cropped and resized.

However, you can make out a couple of details not seen in Friday's artist rendering. For example, the collar does appear to have a bit of orange.

Logie also provided us with this photo of the scoreboard at Levi's Stadium from the same day.

Photo by Graeme Logie

So now that you've seen an actual photo of the jersey, has your opinion of it changed?

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First Look: See the 2015 NHL Stadium Series jersey designs


First Look: See the 2015 NHL Stadium Series jersey designs

The 2015 NHL Stadium Series game at Levi's Stadium in February between the Sharks and Kings will introduce an all new uniform style. The designs have yet to be officially unveiled, but details have made their way to Icethetics.

This afternoon I received a photo which appears to show the jersey the San Jose Sharks will wear for that big outdoor game a couple months from now in Santa Clara. However, I'm not able to share that photo here on the blog at this time. (UPDATE: Now I can share it!)

Instead, I've engaged the enormous talents of concept artist Matt McElroy, whose brilliant work appears frequently on Icethetics. (He's also contributed amazing work to our fantasy league — the IceHL. This season he's even a GM.)

I gave Matt all the necessary details and asked him to assemble a rendering of the jersey.

San Jose Sharks 2015 Stadium Series jersey // rendering for Icethetics by Matt McElroy

The design may ring a bell if you were paying attention to Twitter last night.

What I saw in the photo lends credence to a report yesterday from Mayor's Manor regarding the design of the Los Angeles Kings' 2015 Stadium Series jersey. The site included its own rendering from another regular Icethetics concept contributor, Justin Cox.

Based on that report in combination with the Sharks photo and an Instagram tease from the Team LA store, reported here Monday, I'm confident that the Kings' jersey will look like this.

Los Angeles Kings 2015 Stadium Series jersey // rendering for Icethetics by Matt McElroy

Eagle-eyed readers will pick up on the fact that the wall of the new Team LA store in that Instagram photo is painted just like the jersey, grey on top and white on the bottom with a thick black stripe through the middle. What a clever teaser that turned out to be!

Again, I am confident in these renderings based on the information and photos I've seen. I wouldn't post it here if I weren't. But nothing's official until it's official. So, you know, don't go getting the designs tattooed on your forehead just yet.

For those who just want to wait on official information, the Team LA store will be the site of the Kings' jersey unveiling on Tues., Dec. 16. I also understand the Sharks should unveil theirs sometime before that. No word on an official date just yet.

Finally, I have to offer a huge thanks to Matt McElroy for creating the visuals for this report!

So what do you think of these half-and-half Stadium Series jersey designs?


Is this what the 2015 NHL All-Star jerseys will look like?


Is this what the 2015 NHL All-Star jerseys will look like?

Images from

It appears we're getting a sneak peek at the jerseys being worn at the 2015 NHL All-Star Game hosted by Columbus in January.

WinCraft is a company that makes and sells sports collectibles, including pins. As of Tuesday evening, their website features two products billed as "NHL All-Star Game collector pins."

The graphics associated with those items look like stylized hockey sweaters. In this case, they appear to be the not-yet-released jersey designs for the next NHL All-Star Game.

Stick-tap to @MasonAnimation for catching this!

Evidence comes from previous sneak peeks.

Over the summer we got our introduction to the design aesthetic for the 2015 All-Star Game when Reebok released its Spring 2015 planning catalogue to retailers. It was our introduction to the new neon green and black color scheme as well as the new chrome version of the NHL shield.

About a month later came a photo of a practice jersey featuring that chrome crest.

At this point, it's probably safe to say we can fill in the blanks on what the jersey will look like. No word yet on when the NHL will officially unveil it, but the game is now 54 days away — so it the wait shouldn't be much longer.

What do you think of what the NHL has cooking for the next All-Star Game?