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Manchester Monarchs scrap purple, swipe Kings jerseys


Manchester Monarchs scrap purple, swipe Kings jerseys

Monarchs' home and road jerseys, 2014— // Photos from LA Kings Insider

The AHL's Manchester Monarchs lost a piece of their identity Wednesday. They scrapped the purple and gold from their color scheme and unveiled new home and road jerseys identical to those of their NHL affiliate, the Los Angeles Kings.

Perhaps they're just trying to capitalize on the Kings' recent Stanley Cup championships, but this is nevertheless a depressing development for a club that once had a truly unique look.

“These jerseys tie us to our parent club, the Kings,” said [Monarchs president Darren] Abbott. “The Monarchs have so many players that have gone on to play for the Kings and have helped them win Stanley Cup championships in Los Angeles that we wanted to bring their identity into our uniforms.”

I'm of the opinion players shouldn't be wearing NHL jerseys until they make the NHL, but obviously Abbott disagrees.

This is almost a literal representation of what I think when I see an AHLer wearing an NHL jersey.

This is almost a literal representation of what I think when I see an AHLer wearing an NHL jersey.

If you live in New Hampshire, the new sweaters will be available very soon.

The jerseys were unveiled at a press conference held at the Verizon Wireless Arena on Wednesday that introduced head coach Mike Stothers to Manchester. Fans will be able to purchase the new jerseys at the Monarchs' annual Summer Fan Fest ... on Saturday, July 26. 

For more photos from the unveiling, check out L.A. Kings Insider.

What do you think of the Monarchs switching to these jerseys? Be sure to vote in the poll.

Manchester Monarchs home and road jerseys, 2010—2014


Adirondack Flames reignite classic Atlanta logo


Adirondack Flames reignite classic Atlanta logo


A familiar logo joins the American Hockey League this fall. It was officially announced in May that the Abbotsford Heat are moving to New York to become the Adirondack Flames.

As you can see, the Calgary affiliate has adopted an updated version of their parent club's logo from long ago.

The Atlanta Flames were founded in 1972 — where they introduced the flaming "A" — but relocated to Alberta in 1980. In recent years, the flaming "A" has been used on Calgary jerseys to designate assistant captains.

Now it will go on to be a full-fledged team logo once again — but not without a few color changes.


The A-Flames — as we shall now call them — have yet to introduce their jerseys, however. At the press conference in Glens Falls on May 16, a Calgary jersey was on display with "Adirondack" across the nameplate.

That said, give how we've seen the Flames continue to align their AHL club's branding with their own, don't be surprised if it's the same jersey template with the A-Flames crest.


It all started when the Flames decided not to renew the Abbotsford Heat's arena lease. Part of the problem was geography.

The Heat were so far removed from the rest of the mostly northeast-based AHL. So the travel was ridiculous, both tiring for the players and expensive to the organization.

Naturally, the perfect opportunity arose this season with the Adirondack Phantoms departing upstate New York for a new arena back home in Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia Phantoms were formed in 1996 but displaced in 2009 when their arena, the famed Spectrum, was closed and demolished. The plan was to spend five years in the vacant Glens Falls Civic Center while a new arena was built in Allentown, Penn. That time has now come.

With the Glens Falls building being freed up again, the Flames saw an opportunity to move the Heat.


Perhaps the best part of this relocation is seeing a classic NHL logo come back. In the Flames' press release, GM Brad Treliving said this:

“The history and tradition of the Flames franchise goes back to the team’s birth as the Atlanta Flames and we are proud to also pay tribute to our history with the introduction of a new version of the flaming “A” here in Adirondack. We look forward to building on Glens Falls’ rich hockey history.”

Icethetics readers may recall that concept artist Thomas Hopkins actually proposed using the old Atlanta Flames logo in Abbotsford last December. But we'll take it in Adirondack just the same.

Concept art by Thomas Hopkins

Are you excited to see the old Atlanta Flames logo back in action this fall? Any other past NHL logos you'd like to see resurrected?


Find the Adirondack Flames online:


Springfield marks 20 seasons with a few theme jerseys


Springfield marks 20 seasons with a few theme jerseys

We'll get back into regular blog posts today with the AHL's Springfield Falcons, who are in the midst of their 20th anniversary season. To mark the occasion, they've sported a handful of theme jerseys throughout the season. Let's take a look.

Hometown Heroes Night

Over Veterans' Day weekend, the Falcons celebrated their hometown heroes with a very patriotic sweater. It was a blue jersey emblazoned with stars on the right sleeve and a field of red and white stripes on the left sleeve. Both shoulders feature the team's 20th anniversary logo.

It's hard to deny this one's pretty ugly. The sleeves are what do it. The numbers there are barely readable. And what's with the generic text on the chest? I'm just not a fan of this one.

That aside, on Fri., Nov. 8, the Falcons hosted the Adirondack Phantoms to the tune of a 3-0 shutout victory. Even the ugliest of jerseys looks a little better with a solid win.

20th Anniversary Night

On Sat., Jan. 18, the Falcons celebrated their 20th season with a special set of blue jerseys. Now these I can get behind. There's nothing special about them, but it's a solid, traditional sweater design.

Front and center on the chest is the anniversary logo — nothing special about it either. But what I really like is the original Falcons logo used as the patch on the right shoulder. The current primary logo, which debuted in 2010, is on the left side.

As you can see from the photos, the Falcons faced the Providence Bruins — wearing yellow from top to bottom, helmets included. Springfield managed a 5-3 win, improving to 2-0 on theme jersey nights.

Pink in the Rink Night

The Falcons wore their third and final theme jersey of the season last week. It was Pink in the Rink Night at MassMutual Center on Sat., March 1.

As pink jerseys go, this set stands out for its unique ribbon. The design, featured in small form on the shoulders and large form near the waist, creates crossed hockey sticks at each end of the ribbon. Teams don't usually tend to be that clever with these jerseys.

The crest is a pink-infused version of the 20th anniversary logo and some sweeping ribbon-like stripes wrap around the waist. It's one of the nicer pink jerseys I've seen this season.

According to the Falcons' promotional calendar, that does it for theme jerseys in 2013-14. Which of the three was your favorite? Vote in the poll on the right or leave a comment below. Or both!


Checkers theme jerseys average 10 goals per game

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Checkers theme jerseys average 10 goals per game

The AHL's Charlotte Checkers have entertained fans with a couple of unique theme jerseys in the last few weeks. And the games resulted in goal-scoring bonanzas.

On Thurs., Jan. 23 and Fri., Jan. 24, it was Race Night at Time Warner Cable Arena. The Checkers donned the race track inspired sweaters you see above, complete with a "checkered" flag. Get it? You get it.

The first game saw the Checkers shut out the Oklahoma City Barons 4-0. Not so crazy. But the following night was wild one that ended with Charlotte thumping the Barons 9-3!

Six of the Checkers' nine goals came on the power play. And the final five minutes of the game saw the teams trade three goals a span of 97 seconds. But this story isn't over. It takes a hilarious turn (for non-Checkers fans) when you scroll down.

By the way, they've posted more game photos on Facebook. And there are Flickr galleries for Thursday and Friday.

On Fri., Feb. 7, the Checkers hosted the Barons for a theme jersey night for the third time in two weeks. Though it was a very different jersey — with a very different outcome.

It was Pink in the Rink Night and the Barons wanted revenge. Which they got. The final score of this one was 8-5. Clearly the Checkers' specialty jerseys are bringing on the goals this season — averaging nearly 10 per game.

The Checkers went with primarily red jerseys with pink accents — a different take on what they usually do for Pink in the Rink. It definitely grabs the eye though.

There are more photos on Facebook. And here's another gallery on Flickr.

So which of these two jerseys is your favorite? Do I even have to ask?

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Swatches of pink hit more AHL rinks

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Swatches of pink hit more AHL rinks

A few weeks ago, we took a look at some Pink in the Rink Night jerseys used across the AHL this season. But more teams keep adding on so let's do it again!

Iowa Wild

On Sat., Feb. 15, the Wild debuted their pink uniforms as they hosted the Rockford IceHogs. They lost 5-3 before a touted crowd of more than 10,000. (Is that a big number in the AHL?)

The jerseys featured three different shades of pink. A live auction was held following the game with proceeds going to Susan G. Komen of Iowa.

The design was simple but I think it was a touch too much pink for these guys.

Hamilton Bulldogs

On the same night as the Wild, the Bulldogs also lost while wearing their Pink in the Rink jerseys. It was a 3-2 overtime nail biter against the Texas Stars.

Unfortunately, the Bulldogs didn't feel like sharing a lot of photos of their jerseys online, but I did manage to track down a couple.

All I can say is maybe tone down the "hot pink" shade a little next time around.

Texas Stars

Speaking of the Stars, they broke out their pink-infused sweaters this past weekend. But they had better luck than Iowa and Hamilton as they won in pink on back-to-back nights.

On Friday, Texas knocked out the Charlotte Checkers 4-1. Saturday's rematch required a shootout, but the Stars still came out on top 3-2.

Maybe their jerseys were more manly since they were all black. I'm not a fan of the apron-string piping, but I'd have to say this one was the best of the three.

If you're interested, you can find more photos in their Twitter feed.

More Pink in the Rink Nights

There are still more pink nights on the horizon in the AHL.

  • March 1: Springfield Falcons
  • March 21: Lake Erie Monsters

Speaking of the Monsters, they've worn some interesting specialty jerseys lately. I've grabbed some photos for an upcoming post this week.

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