Fixing the New Moose

Tyler Gross thinks the new Manitoba Moose logo and uniforms could've been better. He submits this design, adding that "the little bit of red in the eye is supposed to be a maple leaf as an ode to Canada the the Jets logo."


All right the last three days have been given over to Canada here on the Concepts page, now it's time for the United States! Andrew Krause gives us his take on a national team uniform.

Inverted Freak Out

Here's a freaky idea for a Montreal Canadiens third jersey — just invert most of the colors on the uniform. That's what Aaron Bernardi did and it actually looks pretty cool.

Breathing Fire

Anyone tired of the flaming "C" getting all the glory? Want the old Flames colors back? Miss the fire breathing horse from the late '90s? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then John Elbertson has the perfect Calgary concept for you!

Canada's Day

We're celebrating Canada's birthday today with a couple of concepts for the team that calls the nation's capital home — both from newcomers to the Concepts page.

First up is this set by Kevin Flagler, who writes:

Been a big fan of Icethetics for years, so thought I'd finally put together a quick concept to submit. Here's a very simple, but elegant concept for what the Sens might have looked like if the original franchise still existed.

This set from Jean-Philippe Forgues uses the red and black in a new way. Which do you prefer?