Comfort Zone

Does this seem crazy? I'm not so sure. Dylan Nowak writes:

Saw the Winter Classic teasers and had a small idea. Really takes the Canadiens out of their comfort zone.

The CWHL Reimagined

Why settle for four jerseys when you can have 10?! While we take a break from our Freak Out Friday series, I wanted to share this amazing batch of rebrands by Nick Burton for the CWHL. Check out his designs for the Boston Blades, Brampton Thunder, Calgary Inferno, Les Canadiennes Montreal and Toronto Furies.

Wiltron's Quartet

We're continuing our series of four concepts at a time this week with a new set from Justin Wiltron. His designs are pretty traditional, but that's also what makes them work.

Alan's Quartet

We're getting four a day this week and continuing with Alan Su. He has a few interest concepts in mind for the Sabres, Hurricanes, Penguins and Sharks. Which is your favorite?

McElroy's Quartet

This week we're getting four at a time. Today's star contributor is Matt McElroy, who's tackled a handful of teams with sharp, matching home and road kits.